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SW Accident Claims: Simple, straightforward call routing for more effective service

Feb 26, 2021
Successfully representing accident victims for over a decade, SW Accident Claims is a specialist law firm – providing a one-to-one service to claimants who’ve suffered personal injury. Operating in a sector where trust is crucial, they have an ethos of excellent client care, and draw on high-quality but approachable legal services to support their clients through stressful times.

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A significant switch:

In order to retain their company fax and telephone number following a move of premises, SW Accident Claims switched from their original telephone system to a cloud model. Although their provider assisted with the set-up, the incoming call route they built wasn't tailored to the company, and failed to effectively utilise the full scope of the system. Drawing on the expertise of PHMG, the firm sought to amplify the process. And as a result, they optimised and enhanced their client experience with tailored messages designed to engage callers while they wait.

SW Accident Claims

Transforming the system:

The first step we took towards improving the caller experience at SW Accident Claims was to carry out a thorough analysis of the current set-up, identifying issues with the call route, before creating a custom solution.

A key issue for the client was the fact that a previous hunt group system sent calls directly to voicemail if they went unanswered after three rings, while another rang out for far too long, meaning less clients left messages. Additionally, depending on resource and availability, it wasn’t always possible for a team member to physically pick up during this time – resulting in missed calls from existing and prospective clients alike. SW Accident Claims wanted to transform their system into a cost-effective stand-in for occupied staff members – offering a professional, reassuring first point of contact for clients and reinforcing the friendly, helpful image of the firm while encouraging repeat custom.

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The custom solution:

Our solution was first to simplify the call route by creating a more efficient initial experience, while making room for more engaging and time sensitive content. Next, our Copy, Music, and Production teams collaborated to create a tailored welcome message to occupy the space between when the caller first rings, and when they’re connected with a staff member. As per the client’s request, our Creatives also worked on several seasonal messages, all of which were scheduled in advance to play at the relevant times.


Finally, once the call route and messages were perfected, we deployed the new set-up and added the requested content updates, before carrying out thorough testing to ensure everything ran seamlessly. 

At the beginning of this process, SW Accident Claims had a system they described as ‘adequate’ and ‘acceptable’, but felt they weren’t getting the most value out of it. By bringing PHMG on-board, their primary value – delivering an exceptional client experience – is now evident from the very first phone call. And it's all thanks to simpler routing.