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Support organizations worldwide to relieve poverty, distress, sickness and hunger.

We’re lucky people. And we created the PHMG Foundation a decade ago in recognition of our opportunity – or more accurately, our responsibility – to share that good fortune with others.

Each year, we select five charities across the globe to receive our support. And the support we give extends beyond money to include energy, knowledge, resources and time.


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2023 nominated charity

The People’s Music School

Transforming lives through fee-free music education, The People’s Music School champions musical excellence in children right across the Chicago metropolitan area. Using sound to inspire confidence and bravery, it works to develop students’ personal and music skills alike.

2023 nominated charity

Shriners Hospitals for Children

2023 marks the centenary of this unstoppable non-profit specializing in pediatric care, nursing programs and research into treatments for children at hospitals across the US. It works to encourage every child to have faith in their dreams, and offer hope and healing to those most vulnerable.

2023 nominated charity


Shelter believes that a home is a fundamental human right, but one not yet afforded to everyone in the UK. It helps people suffering the effects of a housing shortage and cost-of-living crisis to find secure housing for those who need it most.

2023 nominated charity


As one of the UK’s leading mental health charities, it’s Mind’s mission to ensure everyone gets the support and respect they deserve – destigmatizing every mental health condition, every step of the way.

2023 nominated charity

Cancer Council

Cancer Council is Australia’s leading charity pursuing a cancer-free future. In fact, they’re the biggest non-government funder of cancer research in the country – supporting those affected by the disease while conducting ground-breaking studies. Their pioneering work is seeking better ways to detect and treat cancer.

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