Our sustainability strategy

Doing our bit

Our sustainability strategy reflects our responsibilities to the environment, to our people, and to the communities we live in.

We all have a role to play in making that happen.
And we ask each and every person to do their bit – however small – every day.


Our environment

We’re proud to say that we’re Planet Mark certified.

It reflects our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our CO2 emissions, and minimize the impact of our business on the planet.

We know our work in this area will never be done, and we’re committed to improving in this area continuously. Because there will always be a better way of doing things.


Our communities

In 2013, we set up the PHMG Foundation to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

Each year we challenge our people to raise huge sums for good causes, and they always rise to the occasion ― having a little fun along the way…

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Our people

We’d be nothing without our people – the talented folks who turn up, day after day, to deliver world-class products and service to our clients.

We recognize our role in building stronger bonds, minimizing inequalities, promoting fairness, and creating a safety net for the hard times.

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About us
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About us

Our mission is simple: Help you connect to your customers, through the power of sound.

Why work with PHMG?
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Why work with PHMG?

Find out why we’re obsessed with audio, and how you can harness it to forge deeper connections with your customers.

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Careers at PHMG

We’re the experts on all things audio. And if you’d like to join our ranks, we’re hiring.