Sonic identity development

In a world of ‘us-too’ lookalike brands, winning business recognise audio is the key point of difference.

For brands who aren’t one-note.

Branding is a fine art. But a quick Google would have you believe it’s easy, because there are thousands of agencies out there offering the same services: some strategic thinking, ‘big ideas’, and lots of lovely graphic design.

The problem? Sight isn’t the only sense. And since seemingly everyone is offering (visual) branding services, it’s harder than ever to stand out.

That’s where we come in. We’re the world’s leading experts on audio branding. Think of Netflix’s ‘da dum’ sonic logo, or any of Coca-Cola’s iconic original songs, and you’ll know immediately what we mean.

But audio branding goes far beyond melodies and music: epic voiceovers, notification chimes, sonic speaker skills, even a podcast or digital series – if you can hear it, we can brand it.

60% of people believe music used in marketing is more memorable than visuals.

– UK consumers, surveyed by PHMG

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How it’ll help

Reinforces your brand values

Your choice of music, voice artistry and scripting can subtly communicate what your brand stands for and believes in.

Creates consistency across channels

Deploy your branded audio at key brand touchpoints and things will naturally begin to feel more joined-up and thought-through – for both customers and colleagues.

Enhances your image

You’ll project a professional image that reassures your audiences that you’re somebody they can trust.

Improves brand recall

Unique audio – be that a track, notification chime, or sonic logo – can help to build brand recognition and recall every time your customers hear it, becoming synonymous with your brand over time.

Erases licensing headaches

Never worry about copyright infringement or other issues that come from using popular songs to promote your business.

Reduces up-front costs

Our subscription-based pricing model leaves your marketing budget on your balance sheet and helps you plan for the future.
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Here’s one we made earlier

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Hallmark’s exclusive track

We encompassed the nostalgic and traditional values of Hallmark to help create their sonic identity.

Whose audio was awesome in 2021?

There are endless ways you can leverage the unique power of audio at key points across the customer journey. We’ve looked back over the last 12 months and picked out some of our favourite examples.

What’s included?

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Creative workshop

We’ll consult with you to learn about your business, its value and personality, then deep-dive into your brand guidelines and any existing audio assets you have. We can also conduct research into your audiences and industry to generate insights that inform the brief.
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Our composers will get to work on creating a suite of tracks that works in harmony with your existing visual branding; we follow our own patented processes that override personal preference, and consistently deliver the most brand-congruent sound, every time.
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Our knowledgeable writers can pen compelling scripts that communicate your key messages, while sounding authentically like you: from product videos on your website, to roleplays for your e-learning – you name it!
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Voice casting
We work with a roster of over 300 professional artists, and can pinpoint the perfect voice to represent you. Need them to speak with a certain tenor or accent? If we don’t have a voice that matches, we’ll find one that does.
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Whatever you need – voice, music, effects – we’ll lay down your audio using professional recording facilities. Need us to direct the session with guidance on style, emphasis and even pronunciation? We’ll do it.
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Editing and mixing
Our expert post-producers will dive deep into your recordings to remove breaths, pauses and other unwanted noises that can muddy your message. Then we’ll follow a patented process to mix music, effects and spoken word (so they’re not fighting for attention), then deliver your master in whatever file format you need.
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Ongoing support and management
You’ll have an Account Manager to support the creation of additional audio assets throughout the lifetime of our relationship. Need a 30-second edit of your exclusive track, or a 30-minute looping video that plays in reception? We can create whatever edits of the track you need.

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