A sure thing in uncertain times

As the pandemic’s grip tightened, we helped this travel insurer catch its breath.

Complete caller experience
United Kingdom
client overview

Staysure is a five-time winner of Best Travel Insurance Provider at the British Travel Awards.

The brief, in brief

Help reassure Staysure customers with concerns on multiple fronts.

The background

Established in 2004, Staysure was created to help British citizens with all types of travel insurance, and more recently, pet insurance.

They’ve grown rapidly over the years on the back of their ethos that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

They’re known for tailored policies and incredible, professional support.

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The challenge

COVID-19 has meant big changes for many businesses, and Staysure has been no different.

With most commercial flights grounded, holidays cancelled and a surge in new pet owners, demand for Staysure’s people went in to overdrive. They faced an uphill battle to maintain superior customer care despite ballooning call volumes and a team getting used to working from home.

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PHMG have been easy to collaborate with, and have helped improve the service we provide to our customers.

Kayleigh Broderick

IVR Analyst


Listen to Staysure’s Petsure on-hold messaging

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How we helped

We already had an established relationship with Staysure before the pandemic, and they turned to us for help knowing that clear, concise communication was vital.

Working remotely ourselves, we quickly scripted, recorded, edited and deployed high-quality changes to their welcome and out-of-hours messages to reassure callers and let them know that the team were working hard to get answers, as quickly as possible.

We also designed and developed a brand new audio brief inclusive of brand-analysis, creative copywriting, voiceover direction and exclusive music to perfectly encapsulate their newly launched Petsure audio brand – which went live with a distinct, pet-loving identity.

Staysure is the UK’s Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider, and our audio productions help them to continue to be just that.

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