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Congratulations for getting this far – we’re looking forward to meeting you at your interview.

We’ve put together this page to help ensure you’re prepared for the day. You’ll find links to useful information about what we do, and some of the people we do it for.

You’ll also hear a little from some of the people you’ll be working alongside, and learn about career progression in Sales if you’re successful.

What we do

We support more than 32,000 subscribing clients around the world, with inspirational audio productions that they can deploy at every step along the customer journey.

Whether they’re using our exclusive music and messaging to keep callers engaged while queueing, or giving their new radio ads a welcome injection of professionalism: whatever it is, if you can hear it, we can create it.

Lady playing violin


If you’re going to bring your best self to work every day, we need to lighten the load somewhat. Enter, PH Perks: our comprehensive benefits package.

  • Pension/401K and insurance plans
  • PTO: 20 days
  • In-house masseuse
  • Free gym membership
  • Sports and social teams
  • Spectacular events
PHMG Foundation Football
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how you can grow

Career progression

Senior 1 ($1,350 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$10k raise, $50,000 Basic Salary

Senior 2 ($1,750 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$5k raise, $55,000 Basic Salary

Senior 3 ($2,500 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$2k raise, $57,000 Basic Salary

Senior 4 ($3,000 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$2k raise, $59,000 Basic Salary

Senior 5 ($3,500 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$2k raise, $61,000 Basic Salary

Senior 6 ($4,000 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$2k raise, $63,000 Basic Salary

Senior 7 ($5,000 RAMP / 3 months in a row)

$2k raise, $65,000 Basic Salary

“Individual commitment to a group effort.”

Not our words, but those of legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi.

It’s a mantra we live by, and something we keep in mind not just when it comes to getting the job done for clients, but in everything we do.

Learn how we’re playing our part in building a better future through the PHMG Foundation and our Sustainability initiatives.

Learn from the best.

If you’re no expert in audio, don’t worry: our in-depth training will help you reach a point where you can speak about it with confidence.

In the meantime, our Insights blog is a great place to start. It’s where we share thoughts on how to use our products and services; inspire by sharing our favourite examples of audio in action; and introduce key people from across our business.

“PHMG transforms and inspires individuals to reach their true professional potential. I have been taught how to overcome objections and developed a sense of confidence throughout my entire pitch and sales process. Most importantly, this company truly feels like a family that I can laugh, learn, and grow with.”

Claudia Steenberg

Senior 1 Team Lead


“PHMG has provided me with amazing tools to grow as a business professional and as a teammate. The supportive and motivational management team works hard to make it easy for everyone to be successful.”

Derek Etgen

Senior 1 Team Lead


“What I have loved most about PHMG is the fast-paced work environment. The management really push you to grow your skills in a short amount of time, all while maintaining a fun, energetic culture around the sales floor.”

Jacob Rodino

Media Development Executive


“Since I started at PHMG, I have not only had the ability to grow as a professional but also as a person. This company pushes you to be the best you possibly can!”

Jordan Lindzy

Senior 1 Team Lead


“PHMG surrounds me with likeminded people and a great culture with so much opportunity for growth.”

Austin Francis

Senior 1


“I enjoy working at PHMG because the culture is unlike anywhere else I have ever worked.”

Zach Layton

Senior 1


We’re a social bunch

Fostering team spirit is important to us, because stronger teams deliver stronger performances. It’s why we host team-building events and celebrations throughout the year.

Follow our Insta for clips and pics from events as they happen – or just search for #WeArePHMG to see what our people have been posting.

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