Our environmentalism mantra


Less time. Less energy. Less needless travel. Less faff. Less paper. Less waste. Less to landfill…

You get the idea.

At PHMG, we recognize our responsibility to future generations, and are committed to improving the planet we all call home.


Our people are passionate about creating a greener working environment for colleagues, reducing our carbon footprint as a business, and making a difference to the cities we call home.

We know our work in this area will never be done. Because there will always be more we can do, to ensure we’re doing Less.

Planet Mark accredited

We’ve partnered with the sustainability experts at Planet Mark, to assess our current position and lay the groundworks for our ambition to reach Net Zero status.

Planet Mark share our passion for continuous improvement, and to keep our certification we’ll need to reduce our carbon footprint year-on-year.

As a business of over 600 people on four continents, with big growth ambitions, this will be no easy task; so, we were pleased to learn we already score well relative to other companies of our size.

Business travel adds significantly to our overall carbon footprint, and the events of the pandemic have helped us realise that more of our meetings can be conducted digitally. Just one less journey will make a difference, but for those we must make, we’re introducing an electric car scheme for employees.

In the meantime, we’re starting – as recommended by Planet Mark – with quick wins.

Our scriptwriters used to get through a huge amount of paper, proofreading their work before it gets delivered (digitally, of course) to our voice artists for them to perform. Switching to on-screen proofing instantly slashes our paper usage, and is faster too. Win-win.

We’re also looking at how we can work with partners to reduce the carbon footprint in our supply chain, with options including offsetting.

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There’s lots more on our hit-list, though, and we know we don’t have all the answers.

That’s why we’re instigating a Sustainability Action Group, made up of motivated team members at every level of our organization; they’ll be our Sustainability champions, responsible for driving change and ensuring promises are kept.

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Our people

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