Use sound design to build your brand (and bottom line)

In a world of ‘us-too’ lookalike brands, audio can help your business stand out.

  • Drive additional revenue
  • Make efficiency savings
  • Improve brand recall and campaign cut-through
  • Elevate customer sentiment

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What is sound design?

Sound design is the process of designing sound for multimedia, including video games, films, television, and other interactive media.

Sound designers use both software and hardware to create audio productions that enhance the overall experience for end users.

Benefits of sound design

Sound design can contribute towards a recognizable identity for your business, which can help to make your products and advertising more engaging and effective.

Good sound design can also make your business seem more credible; make customers more likely to buy your products; and even improve employee morale.

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Sound design in action

On-hold systems

No matter how big or small your business, effective on-hold music and messaging can improve the customer experience. Answer every call with the first ring, prevent hang-ups while queueing, holding or transferring, and minimize complaints.

Radio and audio streaming jingles

If your target audience listens to the radio or specific streaming platforms, our sound designers can create jingles specifically for those platforms.

In-store audio and messaging

Background music that lifts your customer’s spirits and motivates them to make a purchase can drastically improve your in-location conversion rate — especially when partnered with messaging that promotes offers and other benefits to your customers.

TV commercials

If your business is spending its advertising budget on TV adverts, it makes sense to ensure it hits the right note and provides as strong a return-on-investment as possible. There’s also a reason adverts stick in your mind for years or as a throwback and this is because sound designers worked on the project to deliver that kind of emotional response.

Podcast adverts

The majority of successful podcasts are funded by sponsors and adverts. If you know a lot of information about your customers, like their typical interests and motivations, we can create an advert that can be live on podcasts your ideal consumer would listen to. In addition, if your company wants to create a podcast, we can edit and produce the podcasts themselves.
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Key considerations

Melody and composition

We’ll work with you to compose a unique track that reflects your business’s personality and values, and resonates with your customers, clients, users — or whatever you call them. We’ll consult on things like genre and tone, and follow a patented process to ensure the most brand-congruent sound, every time.


Your productions need to be suitable for use on all the platforms you’re present on. We can produce cuts of different fixed lengths, ready for you to deploy (e.g. 5’, 30’, 60’), and create tailored edits to fit each unique piece of content perfectly.


What you have to say is important. Not only do you need to think about who performs it, but a well-written script can help you stand out from the crowd; our expert scriptwriters will consult with you to make sure nothing vital gets missed.
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Voice artistry

Should your brand have an accent? Is it young and enthusiastic, or older and more laidback? Our team of voice casting experts can help you identify the right voice from the hundreds of professional artists we work with, worldwide.

Why work with us?

We’re the world’s leading audio branding experts.

Established in 1998 and boasting more than 32,000 clients in over 50 countries, we have a wealth of experience in building out audio strategies that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Creating everything from unique music tracks and radio adverts to sonic logos, app notification chimes and branded podcasts — if you can hear it, we can brand it.

Proven to resonate with audiences of all ages, our productions are used by household-name brands including Coca-Cola, Audi, Rawlings and countless others.

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