Improve brand awareness and generate sales with custom radio assets

Whether you’re an experienced radio advertiser or an absolute novice, we can guide you into producing something that will truly resonate with your target audience.

  • Take advantage of expert voice casting and artistry
  • Creative scriptwriting will help your ad stand out
  • Unique music (and even a sonic logo) can help with cut-through and brand recall
  • Expert editing brings it all together

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Radio commercials

Radio commercials are a form of advertising that uses radio stations to communicate a marketing message. They are usually short and often use musical motifs or slogans to be memorable. Radio adverts are usually used to promote a product or service and can be about anything from cars to food.

We’ll use top class music with quality sound effects to deliver an iconic sound that is representative of your brand, coupled with advertising slogans proven to drive conversions. We know you’ll be happy with the result.

There are three main kinds of radio adverts: a live read, a sponsorship and a produced spot. Live reads are scripts provided to the radio presenter that are read out live on air, whereas a sponsorship clip will appear on either side of a show’s commercial breaks. Most common is a produced spot, which is a short clip produced in advance and provided to the radio station for them to broadcast at a suitable time.

Custom radio jingles

Are short, catchy tunes that are used to promote a product or service on the radio. They usually last a few seconds and are designed to be memorable so that people will remember the name of the product or service.

Our jingles are composed by professional songwriters and may be accompanied with spoken-word straplines, performed by professional voice artists, to deliver the most engaging message possible to your audience.

Jingles for radio are highly effective as people listen to the radio passively while carrying out other activities… but we know how to cut through their distraction and drive a response.

Sound desk

Radio sweepers

A radio sweeper is a short, catchy audio clip that is used to introduce or promote a radio station or program. Sweepers are typically 30 seconds to one minute long, and are produced by the radio station’s marketing or programming department. They are designed to be entertaining and memorable, and to help create a distinctive identity and radio station branding.

Sweepers may include soundbites from current songs, jingles, slogans, or bits of dialogue. Some stations also use sweepers to give weather updates or promote special programming.


Radio station branding

We deliver high-quality radio station branding and assets, enabling radio stations to capitalize on their audience (and businesses to tap into that audio audience).

Our in-house production team will learn about your product and service to deliver a truly incredible contemporary sound that will build a connection with listeners.

Radio on air

Why work with PHMG?

We’re the world’s leading audio branding experts. With over 20 years’ experience and 32,000 clients, we have a wealth of experience in building out audio marketing strategies that deliver measurable return on investment.

Our audio productions resonate with audiences, helping to generate additional revenue while saving you money. We’ve delivered audio to some of the largest and most well-known brands in the world — you’ll have heard what we do without even realizing it.

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