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Celebrating 135 years as the world’s number one baseball brand.

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client overview

Rawlings is the official glove of Major League Baseball, and the brand athletes seek when they reach for the stars.

The brief, in brief

The distinctive red Rawlings logo is recognized globally by fans, players, and future champions as a symbol of true quality – our task was to communicate that inimitable identity through sound.

The background

Founded in Saint Louis in 1887, in the midst of the Long Depression and at the dawn of modern American sport, Rawlings is the name behind the revolutionary Bill Doak glove – a landmark design that changed the game of baseball forever.

Since then, Rawlings has empowered athletes of all ages and abilities to take to the field with a glove that’s defined the careers of countless greats before them.

Theirs is a legacy of game-changing craftsmanship, commitment to authenticity, and passion for sport that calls for world-class audio.

The pro treatment

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression – that’s why Rawlings wanted to nail the expression of their brand at the initial point of contact; their phone systems.

While they already had a clear visual identity, they’d never homed in on audio. During an in-depth creative workshop with our in-house music and voice experts, it became apparent that this could be the missing puzzle piece in their marketing strategy, so we got right to work expressing that legacy of innovation and quality, sonically.

We were blown away by the work PHMG did for us – but what was most impressive was how they took what we said about our brand and articulated it through music. When you close your eyes, it really is the Rawlings brand, brought to life.

Lindsey Naber

Director of Brand Marketing


A game-changing/winning sound

We know how frustrating it is when you can’t touch base with the right person, so we undertook significant work to enhance efficiency with optimized call routing – immediately increasing the likelihood of a flawless first impression.

Meanwhile, our in-house composers knocked it out of the park with a cinematic rock track featuring bold orchestral brass to symbolize the pride underlining every aspect of the Rawlings brand. And with the addition of punchy copy and expert voice artistry, time previously spent transferring, holding, or waiting to connect is now an opportunity to build additional revenue and engagement.

It’s just the beginning of a long working relationship between Rawlings and PHMG – and looking at possible audio applications across all digital and broadcast channels, the sky really is the limit!

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