June 20th 2024

New Telephony Provider

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance our service quality, we’re switching our telephony provider.

Switch Over Date
June 20th, 2024

Why this Change?
We’re upgrading our system to provide improved features such as higher video and audio quality, better screen sharing capabilities, and overall increased reliability.
We believe this change will significantly benefit our interactions and ensure a smoother communication experience for you.

Temporary Disruptions
While we strive for a seamless switch, there may be brief periods on June 20th where you may experience difficulty reaching us.
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Contact Your Account Manager

If you need immediate assistance or have any concerns during the transition period, please reach out to your Account Manager directly or email clientcare@phmg.com.

Payment queries

If your query is payment related, please email creditcontrol@phmg.com

We are confident that this transition will greatly enhance our ability to serve you better. Thank you for your patience and continued trust in our services.