The Apex of Audio

Brand Symphony is the crescendo of what we do at PHMG – elevating every aspect of our service to the apex of audio branding and opening a world of unexplored possibilities for your brand.

And it’s more than an industry-first opportunity to work on establishing your audio brand with a Grammy award-winning composer and world-leading creative team. Our flagship package also provides you with the insight and expertise you need to maximise broadcast opportunity across a complete spectrum of marketing channels.

It’s the perfect choice for brands pride themselves on being at the very top of their game, want to connect with their audience on a deeper level, and are ready to build a complete audio suite that defines and differentiates them as the professional and creative pinnacle in their sector.

Grammy Award Winning Quality

An aspirational calibre of composition and production from mixing to final delivery.

Leading Genre Specific Composers

Cross-genre expertise from artists with working credits for global superstars.

Globally Renowned Copywriting

Access to a pool of industry-recognised Copywriters.

Multi-Platform Music & Voice License

Cross-channel licensing for total brand consonance.

Audio production for video

Audio that matches your visual content perfectly – mixed and finessed for maximum impact.

A Tailored Brand Workshop

Laying the foundation for a platinum-standard final composition.

Immersive Creative Experience

A unique opportunity to take an active role in sonic identity development.

Personal Creative Consultant

Ongoing Marketing Channel Consultancy from a dedicated audio consultant through the length of contract

Unparalleled Benefits

Customer Experience

An industry-standard setting customer experience.

Growing your Brand

A complete audio suite that grows with your brand.

Brand Alignment

Absolute brand alignment, with reinforced consistency in identity across all touchpoints.

Creative Collaboration

High-level creative collaboration with a dedicated team experience and creative team that truly understands your brand.

Compelling Campaign Messaging

Compelling campaign messaging that resonates in harmony with every element of your audio suite.

Licensing on Your Terms

Licensing on your terms for increased brand recognition and consistency across all touchpoints – plus maximised opportunity for broadcast, anywhere you want to be heard.

Brand Symphony is designed to differentiate your business as the professional and creative pinnacle of industry.

In collaboration with some of the finest working musical minds, you’ll achieve aspirational levels of quality; building a complete audio suite with cross-channel licensing for total brand consonance and maximised opportunity for placement.

And you can take as much of a role in the process as you like, letting your Creative and Experience teams take the lead, or immersing yourself fully in the experience.

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