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Frequently asked questions

When does my invoicing start? 

We generate your first invoice when you instruct us to begin working for you, because we begin creating productions for your business right away. Starting the development of your scripts and music straight away ensures your productions are ready to go live in good time. That includes copywriting, production, editing and voice recording, as well as managing your account.

Why do I have a six-week credit note?

We issue this against your first invoice to cover the first six weeks of our agreement, as this is how long it typically takes us to set up your custom productions. This may not necessarily cover the entire set-up period, as each production is entirely unique and completion time can therefore vary. Remember to deduct the value of the credit note when making your first payment. If you’ve forgotten to deduct the credit note figure before making your first payment, speak to your Credit Controller. If you’re unsure who this is, give us a call: UK – 0161 609 0675 / Australia – 1 300 348 191 / Singapore – 1 800 852 3028 / South Africa – 0 800 982 182 / USA & Canada – +1 (312) 757 5597

Why does the amount billed differ from the monthly fee quoted?

We charge quarterly, so your payments are for three months’ service, not a month. The figure charged will also be inclusive of tax/VAT. At the beginning of our agreement, we apply a six-week credit note to your first invoice, which means there’s a smaller remaining balance due for your first payment. Your next quarterly invoice won’t be raised until 90 days after your sign-up date, and will be for your full quarterly amount.

How do I raise a billing query or update my payment information?

Our Credit Control team are ready and waiting to help. Email or call: UK – 0161 609 0675 / Australia – 1 300 348 191 / Singapore – 1 800 852 3028 / South Africa – 0 800 982 182 / USA & Canada – +1 (312) 757 5597

How do I check if an invoice has been paid?

Once you’ve logged into your online portal, select ‘Invoices’ to view a list of all invoices and view the Status at a glance. You can also download copies of your invoices from here.

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