Weathering the storm

We helped this industry leader take on Mother Nature’s worst efforts.

client overview

Rheinzink is a leading global manufacturer of titanium zinc roofing, façades and roof drainage systems.

The brief, in brief

Ensure this trusted name delivers on its promise of making every project memorable.

The background

Established in Germany in 1966, Rheinzink is a leading name in high-quality finishes for use in the construction industry. With a production capacity of over 100,000 tonnes each year, they export their titanium zinc alloy products from their Ruhr Valley home around the world.

Their team of over 600 people are based in over 30 countries. We support their UK team with high-quality audio productions in use across their telephone system.

picture of clear sky and architecture

The problem

When covid hit, Rheinzink remained open and operational, supporting a construction industry that barely took a breath.

The Rheinzink team did, however, have to make significant changes to their business – introducing a staunch commitment to staff and client safety, including working from home. The challenge was informing clients of these changes while minimising any inconvenience caused by longer call queues.


Listen to Rheinzink’s hold messaging

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PHMG offered a really quick and helpful service when our UK office needed changes made urgently.

Kate Struys

Office Administrator


How we helped

We had an established relationship with Rheinzink before the pandemic, and they turned to us for support.

With fast updates to their out-of-fours and voicemail productions, Rheinzink immediately addressed any customer concerns and kept callers informed of recent changes. And by altering the messaging people hear when queueing, holding or transferring, they’ve also been able to keep their callers engaged and on the line.

picture of clear sky and architecture

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