Audio post-production and editing services

Instantly upgrade the quality of your company videos, e-learning, internal comms, in-store announcements… you name it!

Ensuring you don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Lots of time and effort goes into deciding your marketing messages. Who’s your audience? What do they care about? And so on.

But – with consumers accustomed to high-quality audio productions from TV, radio and music – all of that effort can go to waste if your comms sound messy or unprofessional.

It’s why editing and post-production are so important. Done well, it’s practically invisible; all that’s left is your message, sounding as clear as it could – crisp, clean, and perfectly timed.

Our editing and post-production services can elevate the professionalism of your company videos, e-learning, internal comms, campaigns, PA announcements… and could even help you launch your own podcast!


How it’ll help

Enhances your image

You’ll project a professional and consistent image that reassures your customers and team that you believe in high standards.

Communicates with clarity

What you’ve got to say is important – so a professional written and performed script (plus our expert editing and post-production wizardry) can help ensure it’s clear, well-structured and free of trips, stumbles or errors.

Makes you a brand of choice

Professional output not only makes customers want to choose you, but people want to work for you; a strong employer brand can reduce staff turnover, reduce the cost to hire, and yield more qualified applicants.

Reduces up-front costs

Our subscription-based pricing model leaves your marketing budget on your balance sheet and helps you plan for the future.
man in recoding studio

What’s included?

Asset creation

If you need them, we can create assets to feature alongside any audio files you’ve supplied: perhaps you’d like some background music, sound effects, a sonic logo, help writing the script, or help finding someone to perform it.
picture of music decks


Our expert post-producers will dive deep into your recordings to remove breaths, pauses and other unwanted noises that can muddy your message.
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Mixing and delivery

We’ll follow a patented process to mix music, effects and spoken word (so they’re not fighting for attention), then deliver your master in whatever file format you need.

The reactions of staff across the company have been extremely complimentary.

Paul Mease

Head of IT


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