Exclusive music

We’ll follow patented processes to compose a track unique to your business, based on its individual personality.

Capture your brand in song.

Music and marketing go hand-in-hand. You could probably think of one TV advert, airing right now, that features a great song; whether it’s a catchy jingle or a chart-topping hit from one of your favourite acts, music is proven to help with memorability.

But licensing a popular song doesn’t come cheap, not to mention the other risks it carries. Which is why thousands of brands have turned to us for exclusive music.

Consumers are 96% more likely to recall a business if it uses brand-congruent music.

– Prof Adrian North, Leicester University

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How it’ll help

Reinforces your brand values

Your choice of music can subtly communicate what your brand stands for and believes in. Every chord, riff and beat will be carefully selected to reflect a different trait.

Creates consistency across channels

Deploy your unique track across the customer journey and things will naturally begin to feel more joined-up – use it on social media, in company videos, at events, on TV/radio commercials, on your telephone system…

Improves brand recall

Music is proven to help with memory, and your track can help to build brand recognition and recall every time your customers hear it – becoming synonymous with your brand over time.

Erases licensing headaches

Never worry about copyright infringement or other issues that come from using popular songs to promote your business.

Reduces up-front costs

Our subscription-based pricing model leaves your marketing budget on your balance sheet and helps you plan for the future.
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The musical minds behind our patented process

Creating a unique track for every one of our clients, from scratch, sounds daunting – but the creative brilliants of two team members solved that issue.

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What’s included?
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We’ll consult with you to learn about your business, its values and personality – then our composers will get to work creating something that matches.
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Editing and mixing
Our music producers will mix and edit your final track, so it’s of the highest quality.
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Appropriate licensing
It’ll be licensed to use wherever you need it – whether that’s just on your phone system as hold music, or across every marketing channel.
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Unlimited cuts
Need a 30-second edit and a 30-minute looping track? We can create whatever edits of the track you need – meaning you’ve always got the perfect cut, every time.

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