Mercedes-Benz Toorak

In the driver’s seat

For a brand serving clients with high expectations, we’d have to be anything but middle-of-the-road.

client overview

Mercedes-Benz Toorak traces its history back over 100 years, and has been Toorak’s go-to Mercedes-Benz dealer since 1971.

The brief, in brief.

Put the pedal to the metal, with rapid updates to their telephone
system’s messaging.

The background

Toorak is an affluent suburb in central Melbourne, Victoria. Synonymous with wealth and luxury, it’s home to a privileged few who can afford its sky-high property prices.

For over a century, the people at Mercedes-Benz Toorak – known as ‘the home of luxury’ – have focused on providing premium new and used cars from their two sites. And all delivered with the kind of quality customer service their clientele expect.

Picture of Mercedes-Benz car

The problem

Australia – and Victoria in particular – has had some of the toughest pandemic controls in the world; nevertheless, Mercedes-Benz Toorak remained open, although they did have to make some significant changes, including reducing their operating hours and combining both of their sites into one.

It was vital they communicated this to their customers.

Listen to Mercedes-Benz Toorak’s covid-era update

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PHMG has made the process of organising personalised messages quick and easy – we’re very impressed with their continued professional service.

Jana Clayton

Office Manager

Mercedes-Benz Toorak

How we helped

We began working with Mercedes-Benz Toorak in 2019, and within 12 months the value of our services had become crystal clear.

Working remotely ourselves, we quickly scripted, recorded, edited and deployed a new standardised telephone greeting, including a series of numbered options.

In doing so, Mercedez-Benz Toorak has not only found a way to reassure customers they’re still open – and introduce their new business hours as soon as each call is answered – they’ve also been able to better manage their call traffic by directing people straight to their desired department.

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