Ramos Center

Giving a phone system a little TLC

‘Impersonal and robotic’? That’s the last thing a healthcare provider should be.

client overview

The Ramos Center is a well-respected healthcare provider with locations along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The brief, in brief

Play our part in the Ramos Center’s goal of serving patients in the most efficient way possible.

The background

The Ramos Center specialises in pain management, minimising the symptoms of those suffering personal injury, easing chronic back pain, and supporting patients suffering from cancer.

It’s one of an increasing number of organisations adopting cloud-based telephone systems, as they offer a host of benefits including cost savings, flexibility, and (importantly) numerous possibilities for enhancing the caller experience. Ramos Centre uses a RingCentral system, which offers ample opportunity for you to streamline and perfect your call handling processes.

Smiling medical team standing together outside a hospital

A comprehensive overhaul

Our first action was to map Ramos Center’s current call flow, providing a walkthrough of how the current system operated. Then we sat down with the team to understand their needs and how their call flow could be optimized.

From there, our creative departments got to work producing several audio productions:

  • An automated answering service, incorporating an abbreviated welcome greeting and a full list of departmental options to route call quickly and effectively.
  • Custom departmental and end-user voicemail productions to replace impersonal system default messages when calls couldn’t be connected.
  • Department-specific on-hold and transfer messages for busy times, with content tailored to each department’s patients.

These new messages would replace the system’s default queue greeting and waiting messages, which are impersonal and robotic – i.e., exactly what you don’t want your healthcare provider to be.

Female doctor communicate with the patient

Listen to the Ramos Center’s hold messaging

0:00 0:00

Whenever we have urgent messages that’d normally be posted to social media and our website, we also involved the team at PHMG to update our phone messaging.

Jessica McCarthy

Strategic Relations Manager

Ramos Center

Getting it live

With all this new audio content ready to play, we began uploading, programming and testing. The new call flows were smooth and simple, and – with approval from the team at Ramos Center – we went live.

Our adjustments meant the team were making full use of the system’s features, and the suite of productions gives callers a branded yet personal experience in line with the company’s patient-focused ethos.

Physiotherapist giving shoulder therapy to a woman

Flexible and futureproof

The Center has new flexibility, as their on-hold messages can be updated with whatever messages they need.

For instance, when COVID hit, they updated the system with pandemic-specific messaging to reassure patients that they’re doing everything they can to promote their health and wellbeing from the very first ring.

mother and daughter are indoors in a hospital. The daughter is about to have a checkup.

Our help allowed the team at Ramos to focus on treating their patients, while we took care of the management of their telephone system.

Conor Scott

Key Account Manager


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