Hotel Gotham

Bringing old Manhattan to modern Manchester

This five-star hotel demanded a five-star vocal lineup

client overview

Hotel Gotham is a luxury hotel situated just a stone’s throw from PHMG’s global headquarters in Manchester, England.

The brief, in brief

Bring a touch of the theatre to the hotel’s telephone system.

The background

When guests step through the doors of the Gatsby-esque Hotel Gotham, they’re instantly transported back to 1920s New York – an era of drama, decadence and true indulgence.

Here, the devil really is in the detail, from the luxe leather finishes that punctuate the public spaces, to the Gotham Bugle newspapers that await guests in every room.

Aside from its guests, Hotel Gotham has a number of permanent ‘residents’ – including the glamorous Lady Delores Didsbury, dapper Lord Cecil Salford and the town gossip, Charlie Chorlton.

picture of glasses on roof top

A script full of stars

The team at Hotel Gotham tasked us with creating audio for their telephone system that includes the same fabulous flourish.

Unusually, we tasked a team of voice artists to bring the script to life. Their cast of characters – Lady Delores and all – all made their audio debut in a character-driven production that delivers timely, relevant and engaging updates about the hotel’s services, and which plays out while callers are queuing, holding or transferring.

Table set up inside hotel during sunset

Hear the cast of characters on Hotel Gotham’s telephone system

0:00 0:00

We used voice artists with theatrical experience to really bring the characters to life.

Suzanne Henshaw

Voiceover Talent Coordinator


A complete production

As well as finding the right voice artists, we also created a unique track to punctuate the scripted parts.

We immediately knew that the hotel warranted a track that roared of the 20s, so the melody plays out on intertwined trumpet and clarinet, exuding the hotel’s quality and luxuriousness. And in the rhythm section, measured tuba and upright bass create a lively backbone to the piece.

picture of inside of hotel room

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