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We helped these doggy daycare specialists not miss a trick.

client overview

Established in 2000, Camp Bow Wow helps dog-lovers with a range of services at locations across the US.

The brief, in brief.

With post-lockdown reopening on the cards, Camp Bow Wow needed to communicate their new safety guidelines to owners.

The background

With over 200 franchise locations in over 40 states, Camp Bow Wow is so much more than just a doggy daycare or boarding facility; they’ll look after your canine friend as if they were their own.

From daycare while you head to work, to longer-stay boarding, Camp Bow Wow’s team have a playful approach to providing care that ensures both dog and owner feel safe, comfortable and like one of the family.

We support a number of Camp Bow Wow franchise holders, with each having unique productions customised to suit their local market; this includes the Waukesha outlet, one of two locations in the Greater Milwaukee area in Wisconsin.

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The problem

With a series of stay-at-home orders in Wisconsin, demand for Camp Bow Wow Waukesha’s services understandably plummeted, and they temporarily closed.

After restrictions began to ease, they reopened to the public. But they weren’t completely let off the leash, with very strict guidelines in order to keep the team, dog owners and their beloved pups safe.

They needed to communicate the new guidelines to anyone dropping off their dog at daycare. And on top of that, they wanted to reassure owners that their canine companions were in a safe pair of hands, after they provided us with such joy and comfort on even the most uncertain of days. Their telephone system was the perfect tool.

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Listen to Camp Bow Wow’s covid-era update

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PHMG has helped us provide the friendly and professional feeling that we always strive for.

Leah Boshart

Area Director

Camp Bow Wow Waukesha

How we helped

Our relationship with Camp Bow Wow Waukesha began in 2019, and we helped them spring into action during the COVID-19 pandemic by promptly updating their telephone production to inform their customers of their reopening hours and new protocols.

We quickly scripted, recorded, edited and deployed an update to their standardized greeting, which answers every call at the first ring and ensures everyone ringing the outlet gets the same, consistent message – explaining the re-opening of the daycare center alongside their commitment to health and safety.

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