27 June 2019

Music: Uniting people around the world

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The idea of music bringing us together has been a long-studied phenomenon.

Research shows that it can encourage the release of endorphins and create positive emotion, and there’s even research that may suggest it helps Alzheimer’s patients with their symptoms.

Music’s power transcends more than just the pleasure of singing along to a catchy tune, and that’s something everybody should be able to feel. But how do we include those who can’t hear it?


Where language, distance and borders can separate us, music brings us together

It’s the universal art that unites us all in our humanity. It’s what moves your body to dance to the rhythms of funk, the tears to fall at the beauty of a classical aria, and the laughter to come as you and your friends listen to the latest chart topper before a night out.

It’s the awe that’s created through a carefully crafted soundtrack and the euphoria of being in a crowd at a festival, where everyone sings along to an anthem – not as separate individuals, but as one entity. It’s a power that brands have been keen to utilise, and some companies are really using it to make a better place for all.

Spotify is working with The National Institute of Young Deaf People, Marcel Paris and Publicis to raise money that’ll go towards helping deaf people hear music. They’re streaming an album called D.E.A.F, a silent record that donates its streaming revenue to research benefiting young deaf people. In France, currently nine out of ten deaf children have access to hearing implements that allow them to hear human voices, but not music.

However, a system is being developed with the help of sound engineer Damien Quintard that would allow deaf people to hear music through vibration. The ultimate goal is to install it in concert halls, allowing everyone in the audience to enjoy the same unmistakable atmosphere created at a live music show.

You can listen to the album here:

Just as live music brings people together, events like Pride do the same for communities, and are true celebrations of inclusivity. And while some businesses have been criticised for using events like this as a hollow marketing exercise – like merely changing their logo to a rainbow colour – others make a more meaningful contribution.

Music always plays a huge part in Pride, with people in the community coming together to enjoy concerts as part of the event around the world. Especially for Pride Month in June, Amazon Music has curated a special playlist called ‘Proud’, highlighting artists in the LGBTQ+ community. Updated every week, it features music by queer artists like Sam Smith and Janelle Monae, and includes specially commissioned tracks from artists including Years and Years, Soak and Sasami.

The playlist shines the light on those in the LGBTQ+ community, and offers their talent a showcase where they are often overlooked. It also recognises the power of music to bring people together, giving them a sense of belonging and a shared love no matter who you are.

It’s available to listen to here:

At PHMG, we too understand the connection music can create. Our talented composers create exclusive music tracks for our clients, giving them a one-of-a-kind piece of music that reflects their unique business and culture. This then becomes the unifying sound for their brand – establishing another connection their customers can make and associate with them.

It’s clear that music is a powerful tool to unite people from all walks of life – and it’s something businesses in every industry should harness.


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