1 September 2021

August 2021: Our talent under the spotlight

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Here at PHMG we’re privileged to work with a number of hugely talented composers and musicians.

And when they’re not creating high-quality audio branding for our clients, you can find them working as professional performers, on passion projects and on campaigns for other organisations.

Here’s what some of them have been up to this month…


Cody Clark – U.S. national vaccination programme

Cody and friend Tina Parol started band ZOMBI KNVES early in 2020, sending songs back and forth during lockdown. ‘Feeling Good’, the second song they ever wrote, was recently chosen to feature on a new nationwide TV campaign encouraging Americans to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

This hugely important campaign has the power to help save hundreds of thousands of lives, and its success partly hinges on its ability to make an emotional connection with the viewer. Cody’s new track will be played out in homes countless times over the coming months.


Dan Edgell – new single release

Dan is a member of British alt-pop trio Polo, who this week have released ‘A Sobering Thought’ as the latest single from their upcoming debut album, A Place Between States, which drops in October.

Their previous cut ‘Hologram’ was featured on BBC Introducing and made The Independent’s Now Hear This new music playlist in July. This latest release is a poignant, downtempo track that laments the moment when you recognise something has run its course, and the tough love associated with letting go.


James Cummins – comeback headline gig

James and his post-punk band Proletariat were making waves with tastemakers and had broken into the British music festival circuits, before taking a break in early 2019. Now they’re back with a more polished sound and an arsenal of new tunes.

With restrictions on live performances finally eased in the UK, we’re thrilled that the band’s comeback gig is happening just a stone’s throw from PHMG’s Manchester headquarters, at the renowned Deaf Institute on September 18th.

Unfortunately, like all their previous headline gigs, it’s already sold out. Listen to their latest release ‘I’m Not Alright’ on Spotify now.


Tom Paddon – AA-side single and tour

Tom is a member of a rock band ROLLA, who’ve been bubbling under for a while and have been compared to chart successes Oasis and The Courteeners – which surely makes them a good bet to become some of the UK’s next big rock stars.

Having released the AA-side single ‘No Violence’/’Show Me’ earlier this year to positive reviews, they’re now preparing for a small tour – including a stop off at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival.

If you’re a fan of big classic British rock, check out the tour dates and take the chance to see them in a more intimate setting… before they’re selling out stadiums.


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