Our commitment to our people

Responsible behaviour

Our people are hugely important to us, and we recognise our role in building stronger bonds, minimising inequalities, promoting fairness, and creating a safety net for the hard times.

Creative crossover panels and guest speakers

We regularly host panel discussions and welcome guest speakers from the public eye, to challenge conventional thinking, start conversations and inspire change among our people.

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Unconscious bias training

We’re constantly reviewing our business practices to ensure they serve both our people and our business, the way they should.

This recently inspired a change to our recruitment practices and the introduction of specific training for hiring managers, to ensure our workforce better reflects the diversity of both our communities and our clients.

Mental health first aiders

The world is a lot right now.

But even when it isn’t, we take our role in supporting our people to navigate tough times, very seriously. It’s why we’ve trained more than 20 members of our team as Mental Health First Aiders. They’re able to spot the signs when one of our people are struggling to find a way forward, and point them towards the support they need.

In 2022, the Campaign Against Living Miserably is one of four charities nominated to receive financial support from the PHMG Foundation.

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PHMG Foundation
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Our communities

Learn how we’ve raised almost $1m for charity through the PHMG Foundation.

Our people

Our environment

We’re proud to say we’re Planet Mark accredited. Learn how we’re working to minimise our impact on the planet.

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Careers at PHMG

We’re the experts on all things audio. And if you’d like to join our ranks, we’re hiring.