Kindertons Accident Management

More than a quick fix

We helped these car repair specialists with a crash-course in caller experience.

client overview

Kindertons Accident Management help motorists across the UK back on the road after an accident.

The brief, in brief.

Evade challenges caused by the pandemic, to ensure every customer still receives the high level of support they’re used to.

The background

With almost 30 years’ of experience, Kindertons Accident Management is a market-leading service provider of full accident management, insurance and mobility solutions to the UK motor and insurance industry.

Kindertons pride themselves on being there for their customers in their time of need, providing a worry-free, reassuring service throughout the customer’s experience. They firmly believe that every customer’s experience is individual to them, but their proposition is simple: to provide an expert, seamless and efficient service to every customer, every time.

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The problem

Although we all spent more time at home during the pandemic, this didn’t mean the roads were accident-free, so Kindertons needed to continue serving  their customer base. With office closures in place, many of the Kindertons team moved to work remotely.

The remote working, combined with large call volumes and enforced social distancing at their repair centres, presented challenges to the business. Kindertons needed to keep their professional yet empathetic team in touch with their customers, ensuring that each individual case received the attention it deserved.

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Listen to Kindertons Accident Management’s out of hours message

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Over the last year, PHMG has provided a professional and friendly service. And during the pandemic, they’ve supplied much-needed audio recordings within very tight deadlines to support our customers through difficult times.

Ben McGuire

IT Support Analyst

Kindertons Accident Management

How we helped

We immediately sprung into action to update Kindertons’ telephone system messaging when the pandemic hit. We quickly adjusted both their automated greeting and out-of-hours productions to ensure they were relevant and up-to-date.

As the situation changed, we continued to update their productions in response. We also changed their messaging to answer some of their customers’ potential questions before they were even connected to an adviser, easing the pressure on their customer support team who were working remotely.

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