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Bespoke music creation

We’ll follow patented processes to compose a track unique to your business, for use everywhere.

Embrace sound

We help thousands of businesses to connect with their customers through the power of sound – wherever, however. Bespoke music creation helps to:

  • Reinforce brand values
  • Create consistency across channels
  • Improve brand recall
  • Reduce up-front costs

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We work with brands big and small, and understand what matters to you.


How bespoke music creation can help

Reinforces your brand values

Your choice of music, voice artistry and scripting can subtly communicate what your brand stands for and believes in.

Creates consistency across channels

Deploy your branded audio at key brand touchpoints and things will naturally begin to feel more joined-up and thought-through – for both customers and colleagues.

Enhances your image

You’ll project a professional image that reassures your audiences that you’re somebody they can trust.

Improves brand recall

Unique audio – be that a track, notification chime, or sonic logo – can help to build brand recognition and recall every time your customers hear it, becoming synonymous with your brand over time.

Erases licensing headaches

Never worry about copyright infringement or other issues that come from using popular songs to promote your business.

Reduces up-front costs

Our subscription-based pricing model leaves your marketing budget on your balance sheet and helps you plan for the future.
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Hear what we did for Heineken

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Our composers created a track that bubbles and refreshes in the same way as an ice-cold glass of Heineken.”

Lucy Drennan

Head of Artists & Repertoire


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