Fighting against the current

We knew we had to tackle this fishing brand’s challenge head-on.

client overview

Sportfish has been the UK’s leading supplier of game and fly fish tackle for over 30 years.

The brief, in brief

Help this niche retailer weather the storm of the coronavirus pandemic.

The background

For British fans of fly and game fishing, Sportfish needs no introduction. They operate three bricks-and-mortar stores, a fly-fishing academy, and an online store stocking only the very best tackle, equipment, clothing and accessories from around the world.

They’re genuine fishing fanatics, and their customers rely on them for advice backed by decades of real knowledge and experience.

close up of green fishing rod

A reputation on the line

Deemed a non-essential business, Sportfish’s physical stores had to temporarily close their doors for safety in accordance with government guidance in March 2020. The initial lockdown’s strict rules on outdoor exercise meant few people could enjoy time fishing, but Sportfish enjoyed enough demand to justify keeping their online store running.

There would, however, be a delay on deliveries as staff availability and supply chain bottlenecks impacted their ability to fulfil orders – and communicating this to callers would be vital.

2 men fishing on dock

Listen to Sportfish’s on hold messaging

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As PHMG’s service was not impacted by the coronavirus, we were able to deliver rapidly changing messages without delay to our customers.

Ian Welch

Marketing Manager


How we helped

Sportfish’s usual on-hold marketing messages raise awareness of offers and events, but these were quickly updated to immediately inform their customers and suppliers about their temporary closure and delays to deliveries, and tell callers they could still order online.

Doing this at the first point of contact meant customers had the clarity they needed, and Sportfish’s good customer service reputation was maintained.

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