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Account Manager (Activation)

Your Activation Account Manager is your main point of contact through the beginning of your time with PHMG. You’ll work with them on your discovery call to find your brand’s voice, and they’ll guide you until the moment your production is created and up and running.

Hear it from Vida herself as she lets us know what she enjoys about her job; “Working with such a variety of companies in different industries keeps my days exciting. The discovery calls are enjoyable – they’re like a creative chat where I get to know the clients, see what audio they have and start them on their journey to developing their audio branding. I really enjoy the fun and creative process of helping clients find their unique sound. It’s fascinating to see where they begin and what we create together.”

Operations Associate

Your Operations Associate will work with the Engagement Team, as well as Creative and Engineering teams. They’ll manage your projects and answer your initial queries whilst liaising with the departments who are going to help you maximise your audio branding opportunities.

One of our Operations Associates, Moshood, talks us through his day and what he enjoys about his role; “At the heart of my role is being the central hub for our clients. I gather information from all corners of the business – the creative team, the client themselves and our account managers. It’s all about collaboration to craft a one-of-a-kind audio signature for each client. My goal is to make our clients’ jobs easier by understanding them better. It’s really enjoyable as every situation is unique and varies from one client to the next.”

Account Manager (Engagement)

Your Engagement Account Manager will be your port of call for keeping your production up-to-date and returning maximum value for your brand. As an extension of your marketing team, they will partner with you to build your audio branding strategy and ensure you stay ahead of competition by introducing you to our latest services and technology developments.

Conor has been with PHMG for many years, and touches upon his role as an Engagement Account Manager; “My role involves aligning how to create a full audio branding strategy with a clients marketing strategy, which is ultimately transforming ideas into reality and offering valuable suggestions and best practices. Our clientele spans businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global giants but we provide the same tailored solution to them, no matter the size. When I joined six years ago, our focus was primarily on hold messaging, but as businesses constantly evolve, so do we. The clients I collaborate with are instrumental in our collective evolution towards developing a whole suite of audio branding products and services.”

Making the most of your audio branding

Plan your Easter updates, get prepared and ahead of closures.

The Easter weekend is a long and busy one. Whether your plans involve chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, or making the most of the season, we’ll be here to take care of your message updates. If you have closures, special offers or simply want to share your well-wishes. let us take care of your message updates.

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Our services

Our Services

Multi Language

PHMG’s multi-language service means you never have to worry about the language barrier again. Now your callers will hear everything you have to say in a dialect they recognise from a native speaker – all without losing any context in your messaging.

Our Services


We’ve expanded to become your full audio branding partner, now offering voiceover work for every touchpoint. Your website, social media, even in store announcements will get the PHMG touch. This is your brand, your voice, everywhere.

Our Services

Complete Caller Experience

This time of year is all about appreciating the things the matter most to us. And you can make sure your callers feel it with a thank you in your messaging. And if your team will be taking a break over the holidays, it’s a great way to make sure everyone knows when you’re reopening.


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We were blown away with the finished music track — it truly expresses our brand and values in an emotional way. This music will establish clarity, differentiation and consistency of the brand at every interaction.

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