Your brand, your voice, your way.

Music makes your brand memorable. It opens up a world of possibilities, as long as you know how and where to use it. Our Brand Sound Pro package doesn’t just give you access to that world, it gives you the guidance and expertise you need to make the most of it.


It’s the natural choice for brands that are highly active online, looking to engage a range of consumers across multiple channels, and ready to create a complete sonic identity that cuts through the noise.

Your chance to be heard everywhere.

Amplify your voice and unlock your brand’s full potential with Brand Sound Pro.

Experience the power of a unique and fully comprehensive audio branding package that ensures consistent and clear communication across all your marketing channels, making your brand instantly recognisable.

Take control, elevate your audio brand and stay ahead of your competition with Brand Sound Pro.

Unlock your audio branding

Premium features

Multi Platform Music License

This is your chance to be heard everywhere. You’ll unlock the permissions you need to use your exclusive track wherever you want.


With multi-language voiceovers and expert translators waiting in the wings, we’ll make sure you’re communicating a consistent, clear message to a global audience.

Sonic Logo

Nothing builds recognition quite like a sonic logo. It’s the quickest, most effective way to capture the heart of a brand – and the second you hear one, it forms a long-lasting association in your mind.

Voiceover Suite

You’ve found the voice of your brand and now you want to spread the word. Voiceover suite lets you do just that. Your copywriter and voiceover will work in sync on everything from creating social media ads to elevating company videos.

Directed Voice Sessions

To create absolute synergy between the written word and final production, your copywriter and voice artist will collaborate during the recording session. You can join them for a virtual studio experience to listen live, give feedback and sign off the very same day.

Music Playlist

Our composers curate a unique playlist of tracks, helping you retain brand consistency while remaining fresh across every platform.

Audio Toolkit

We’ll create unique edits of your track in whatever length you need to suit whatever project or platform you’re working on.

Complete Caller Experience

A cloud-based phone system offers enormous opportunities, and from expert consultations and call mapping to implementation and regular audits, we make sure you take advantage of every single one.

Customers say they’d stop doing business with a brand they loved after a single bad experience.

– PwC


How it’ll help

Maximize opportunities on the phone

With a phone system that evolves as your needs do, your callers will enjoy an elevated experience – leading to fewer complaints and more opportunities.

Keep channels consistent and fresh

Having a dedicated creative team to rely on means that whenever you’re releasing a new piece of content, you’ll receive a production that perfectly underscores it.

Perfect the voice of your brand

You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with your creative team and voiceover, watching them capture the essence of your brand through sound.

Grow your base across markets

We can translate and record your messages in over 100 languages, helping you build your brand wherever your audience is.

Strengthen your identity

A dedicated track mixed to suit any campaign increases brand recognition and strengthens your position in the market.

Created through collaboration with world class artists. 

Audio professionals who understand your brand, tone, and what you want to share with the world/your customers.

Complete Caller Experience 

The ultimate tool to help you maximise sale opportunities by assuring your phone system will always operate at peak performance. 

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