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If you’re looking to implement a music on hold system, it makes sense to come to the leaders in the audio branding space to develop that strategy. Implementing a business phone system with on hold music can grow your business through better customer satisfaction and smoother buyer journeys.

  • Replace the silence, beeps or library music built into your phone system
  • Strengthen your brand with high-quality, appropriate and unique music
  • Reduce the perceived time spent holding, queueing or transferring
  • Introduce messages to break up the music and communicate useful information

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Why use on-hold music?

The best reason to use hold music is to give a better caller experience to both existing and potential customers. People generally dislike being put on hold with only silence or beeps as this can create confusion, but with  music it takes the unbearable to tolerable. Good, tailored music even makes it a positive experience, as it is truly appropriate for the industry and audience.

We understand how irritating it can be to be kept on hold, so give your frustrated customers a reason to stay on the line. Callers who are put on hold for a minute without any background noise hang up more often than those who hear music.

How on-hold music can benefit your business

On-hold music keeps more money in your pocket. It’s far cheaper to keep an existing customer happy than it is to pay to source a new one. Keep your existing customers happier and engaged by investing in on hold music that will keep them entertained while they wait, preventing them from dropping off and leaving a negative review or going to one of your competitors.

All about on-hold music

What’s the right on-hold music for your business?

Library music

Most phone systems come with a library of standard tracks that you can use as hold music. This is very low-cost, but carries some risks: for instance, callers may associate your chosen track with another business that also uses it, and library tracks tend to be very simple, repetitive and low-quality.

Custom on-hold music

We compose a unique song for every client who signs up to our service, based on information we have about their brand, industry, and audience. We can create music in any genre from classical to heavy metal, with a broader dynamic range and much more drama than any library track.

Licensed popular music

Some businesses buy the rights to use popular songs from well-known artists as their hold music. This can prove very expensive (especially if you update it regularly), and you run the risk that callers have pre-existing attitudes towards your chosen song or artist.

Why work with PHMG?

We’re the world’s leading audio branding experts. With over 20 years’ experience and 32,000 clients, we have a wealth of experience in building out audio marketing strategies that deliver measurable return on investment.

Our audio productions resonate with audiences, helping to generate additional revenue while saving you money. We’ve delivered audio to some of the largest and most well-known brands in the world — you’ll have heard what we do without even realizing it.

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What is on-hold music?

On hold music, also known as hold music or hold tone, is a feature of telephone systems that plays music or other recorded announcements to callers who are placed on hold. On hold music is often used to provide entertainment or advertising to callers who are placed on hold.

What is the purpose of on-hold music?

On-hold music is a type of background music that is often used in telephone conversations to keep callers entertained while queueing, holding or transferring. It can also be used to provide information or advertisements. On-hold music typically consists of light and calming music, which can help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

What is the best on-hold music?

There are many different types of music that can be used as on hold music. Some businesses opt for classical music, while others choose contemporary pop songs. It really depends on your business and its target audience. Some other popular choices for on-hold music include patriotic anthems, nature sounds, or holiday-themed tunes. Ultimately, it’s up to the business or brand owner to decide what will best represent their company and keep customers entertained.