On-hold marketing

We help thousands of businesses to connect with their customers through the power of sound. We can help you leverage the time callers spend queueing, holding or transferring, to grow your business and save you money.

  • Cross-sell additional products and services
  • Free up your team to focus on value-add tasks
  • Reinforce your professional image
  • Keep callers engaged and reduce hang-ups
  • Minimize complaints by reducing the perceived time spent waiting

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Benefits of on-hold marketing

How on-hold marketing can help grow your business

Enhances your image

You’ll project a professional and consistent image that reassures your callers you’re somebody they can trust.

Generates extra revenue

Communicating important messages about your business’s products and services can introduce valuable cross-selling opportunities. This works well because you have a captive audience who already knows about your brand and is interested in your special offers.

Reinforces your brand values

Your choice of music, voice artistry and script can subtly communicate what your brand stands for and believes in.

Minimises missed opportunities

Never miss a new business inquiry just because it came out of hours, or while you were busy on another call.

Prevents complaints

Engaging messaging can slash the perceived time spent holding – meaning callers are more likely to stay on the line – and much more likely to reach the correct person or department.

Reduces up-front costs

Our subscription-based pricing model leaves your marketing budget on your balance sheet and helps you plan for the future.

PHMG management and service of the brief over the years has been nothing short of outstanding. The team all trust and respect their work, and rightly so. They create quality work and recordings in fast turnaround times which is invaluable to our organisation!

Nicola Cole

Senior Retail Marketing Executive

Callaway Golf

Discover how we can help with a free demo

Request a free on hold marketing demo and we will put together a custom sample just for you. Our productions enhance your professional image, improve caller communications and create valuable cross-selling opportunities.

Our on-hold marketing process

Define your objectives

We’ll begin by assessing what you want to achieve with your on-hold marketing: is it to reduce the perceived wait time, or cross-sell a newly released product? We can do all of this, and more.

Music composition

Based on what you tell us about your business, we’ll create a unique piece of music tailored to your business and industry — richer, more dramatic and less repetitive than any ‘library’ track.


Your unique music will be punctuated with a series of short ads break. We’ll consult with you to decide what they’re about (and the order they play in), and our professional scriptwriters will get to work on writing them.

Voice casting and recording

We work with hundreds of professional voice artists across the globe, and can pinpoint the right one to represent your business. Each is exceptionally talented and has countless hours of studio experience.

Editing and mixing

Our expert post-production team edit your voice artist’s dialogue recordings (to remove breaths, pauses and other unwanted noises), then mix it with your music to create a seamless, professional production.

Why work with PHMG

We’re the world’s leading audio branding experts. With over 20 years’ experience and 32,000 clients, we have a wealth of experience in building out audio marketing strategies that deliver measurable return on investment.

Our audio productions resonate with audiences, helping to generate additional revenue while saving you money. We’ve delivered audio to some of the largest and most well-known brands in the world — you’ll have heard what we do without even realizing it.

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What is on-hold marketing?

On hold marketing is a type of outbound marketing that is used to keep customers engaged with a company while they are on hold. It can include promotional messages, surveys, or even games. On hold marketing is a great way to keep customers informed about new products or services, and it can also help to increase customer loyalty.

What are some examples of on-hold marketing?

There are many different ways to use on-hold marketing, and it can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Some common examples of on-hold marketing include providing information about new products or services; offering promotional codes or discounts; and providing customer service tips. On-hold marketing can also be used to entertain customers, such as by playing music or including humorous messages. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the content is relevant and interesting to your target audience.

What is the difference between on-hold marketing and telemarketing?

On-hold marketing and telemarketing are two different methods of reaching out to customers. Telemarketing is the process of contacting customers through the telephone in order to sell them a product or service. On-hold marketing, on the other hand, is a process of providing information about a product or service to customers who are queueing, holding or transferring.