Stepstone, Inc.

A sure footing

Our services paved the way to a better customer experience during a crisis.

Optimised caller experience
United States
Construction, Manufacturing
client overview

Stepstone Inc. manufactures handmade precast concrete products including stair treads, pavers and wall caps.

The brief, in brief

Pave the path to success for these industry heavyweights, with awesome audio that connects.

The background

Since 1963, Stepstone Inc. has been creating innovative, effective and beautiful precast concrete solutions.

They’re the first choice for architects, builders and end-users alike for robust products with elegant finishes – providing the perfect piece to complete projects large and small.

In the mix

We began our relationship by establishing a library of approximately 40 on-hold messages, which we could rotate through at key points throughout the calendar.

We’ve now helped Stepstone migrate to a new cloud-based RingCentral telephone system, and we’ve continued to keep the library fresh with new content as and when it’s needed.

We’ve taken care of their call routing (ensuring everyone reaches the right person at the first time of asking), and replaced the generic messaging that came out of the box.

The result is a high-quality, consistent sound – no matter when you ring.

When the pandemic hit

With store and office closures, delayed deliveries, stock shortages and staff working from home, Stepstone’s team needed a way to let customers know that they were still available and ready to assist – despite potential delays on the phone.

Given our existing relationship, our team of experts got in touch to remind the team that their phone system would be a powerful tool to help put customers’ minds at rest, and that informative messaging could assist in reducing potential disruption.

Listen to Stepstone’s hold messaging

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How we helped

During the pandemic, Stepstone wanted as many aspects of their customer experience as possible to remain constant .

This meant their phone system needed to deliver clearer messages than ever before – communicating the issues at hand, and ensuring their customers were aware that they were still there to assist with any queries.

We quickly scripted, recorded, edited and deployed updates to their system messaging, using a reassuring voice in-keeping with the emotion Stepstone wanted to convey.

Into the future

We’re now working side-by-side with Stepstone on wider projects, to help them take advantage of all the opportunities afforded by audio – including expert voiceover and music on their company videos, website and social media channels.

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