St. Andrew's Links

On hallowed ground

At the home of golf, we’d have to bring our A-game.

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client overview

St. Andrews Links is one of the world’s oldest golf courses. Situated on the eastern coast of Scotland, it’s a regular host of The Open Championship and a major tourist attraction.

The brief, in brief

Create audio branding on a par with the strength and quality of St Andrews Links’ existing visual branding.

The background

Established over six centuries ago, St Andrews Links is home to seven public golf courses, three clubhouses, five shops, practice facilities and an instruction academy, all maintained by the St Andrews Links Trust.

Over time, like the windswept, coastal terrain on which the courses stand, St Andrews Links has evolved into a brand which is recognised around the world, transcending language and culture. It receives calls from golf lovers of all ages and abilities, and aims to present a quality image at all times.

Listen to St Andrew Links’ on hold messaging

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Trusting in quality

As a not-for-profit organisation looking after courses in public ownership, the Trust owes it to guests, partners, licensees, and local community to ensure the St Andrews Links brand maintains its value and special place in history.

Communicating the brand’s quality and heritage is key to representing it in the best possible way across its plethora of marketing channels, including its telephone system.

Whoever gets in touch with us, wherever they get in touch with us from around the world, can instantly recognise that we are St Andrews Links.

Laurie Watson

Head of Communications

St Andrews Links

A sound to savour

Our composers, scriptwriters and voice casting team set out to create a packaged audio production that captured the brand’s key attributes: genuine, sincere, warm. Nothing conveys Scottishness in music as immediately as bagpipes, but we’ve kept them subtle and elevated.

We created tailored messaging so callers accessing the shops, academy and clubhouses received different updates, and the team at St Andrews Links opted for a package that provided unlimited updates – meaning they can have the peace of mind that they can get their messages out there, no matter what.

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