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Creating a track befitting a global celebration brand? Piece of cake.

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client overview

A certified superbrand, Hallmark helps people the world over share in celebrations, whatever the occasion.

The brief, in brief.

Create an exclusive track that captures the Hallmark brand in song.

The background

Established in 1910, Hallmark is the largest and oldest manufacturer of greetings cards in the United States, with branches in Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan and continental Europe.

Not only that, but it now also manufactures party goods, gift wrap and stationery. And, for the last 20 years, it has also run the Hallmark Channel, broadcasting programming aimed primarily at families.

Capturing their brand

Hallmark’s brand is associated with good feeling, and our music team were challenged with creating a track that communicated their values to callers – be they customers, suppliers or partners – when queueing, holding or transferring while calling their contact centres.

After a consultation with the team, we’d collected six adjectives that would underpin our creative thinking:

  • Entertaining
  • Nostalgic
  • Happy
  • Sentimental
  • Traditional
  • Quality

Listen to Hallmark’s exclusive track

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Every note of Hallmark’s unique track has been composed to capture the excitement, nostalgia and happiness held within their distinctive embossed envelopes.

Lucy Drennan

VP of Creative


How we helped

Our musicians set to work composing a unique track by following our patented process, creating a bright melody that incorporates familiar instruments for a traditional and nostalgic feel.

Handclaps and pizzicato elements add vibrancy, while discordant changes between passages introduce a quirky edge that enhances the sense of fun. When all the parts combine, it adds up to a track that carries the real Hallmark of quality.

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