Where voice can add value to the customer experience

Nov 16, 2021

Voice is a crucial third of your audio branding. We’ll help you identify the right voice artist for your business and help you script what to say. But where could you roll out voice, and why can it add to your customer experience? Let’s look…

On your telephone system

Whenever we dial someone, it’s to hear a voice at the other end – not endless ringing, bleeps or silence.

So, you can use voice to ensure every call is answered immediately and consistently. Once the call is answered, you can then use that voice in several ways:

  • To direct callers to the correct extension or department
  • Inform callers when to call back (if you’re closed)
  • Let customers know about business messages while they wait to connect, are holding or transferring

Over public address systems

Whether it’s a store or an event, PA systems are a vital tool in keeping visitors informed when in your branded space. When not playing ambient music to create an atmosphere, you can announce upcoming events, openings and closings, and other key information.

On your social videos

On your social videos

Almost every brand uses a combination of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as part of their marketing mix. Introduce a professional voiceover over your video content to increase the perceived professionalism of your output.

Social media

For learning and development

Voice can add realism and boost engagement with computer-based training. Integrate voice through role play and pre-recorded presentations or webinars that ensure every member of the team gets the same great level of training.

On your website

Text-to-speech services already exist and will help visually-impaired customers navigate your site, but creating a recorded version of blogs can ensure busy customers can enjoy them – particularly on long-read or extended blogs that might otherwise struggle to maintain their attention.

Recorded versions can continue playing and informing your readers while they navigate elsewhere on other tabs.

With a podcast

Yes, there are millions of podcasts out there already – but there really is a market for everything. Whether you’re engaging customers or using voice to communicate internal news or ongoing training to colleagues, introducing a branded podcast is a great way to take advantage of this audio channels’ ever-increasing popularity. 

If you're interested in finding the right voice for your business, speak to a member of our team today to help you with your perfect voice.