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Central Florida Cabinet Supply: An easier route to service

Sep 30, 2020
When it comes to customer service, Central Florida Cabinet Supply follows a very simple but powerful rule: do whatever possible to fulfil the needs of the customer. But with their cloud-based RingCentral phone system programmed as two separate call flows for different parts of the business, even this concise mission statement was lost in translation. As a cabinetry materials and hardware supplier of choice to the greater Orlando area, they needed a streamlined caller experience with custom audio content to polish and add professionalism to their brand, and ultimately help them stand out from the competition.
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Call Optimization: More information in less time.
The project began by analysing the system in place and offering recommendations for an improved caller experience.

Following that, expert CX Architects removed the default queue greetings and call recording messages – ready to replace an impersonal robotic system with a suite of exclusive productions, designed with the caller demographic in mind.

Next, our creative departments worked together to deliver a custom Auto Attendant greeting, giving callers a concise, easy-to-follow list of options for routing their call, and adding engaging content to cross-sell Central Florida Cabinet Supply’s full range of products and services, while connecting queries in a timely manner.

An experienced Copywriter, Composer, and Production team also added department-specific productions – creating relevant messages to play after the caller chooses an option from the attendant greeting. These relay important information and actionable direction as callers are connected, allowing more efficient call handling once a call is answered.

Finally, the new audio productions were uploaded, programmed, and tested as a final pass, before the finished product was passed to Central Florida Cabinet Supply for approval.
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An all-round improvement:
With an enhanced cloud-based call routing system that’s much more intuitive, Central Florida Cabinet Supply has already seen a positive impact on business. In fact, they’ve had direct compliments from customers on the improvements, which see them getting through to their chosen department much quicker than previously. Central Florida Cabinet Supply is also making full use of their audio content, giving callers a branded, yet personal, experience that’s in line with their client-focussed ethos, and introduces key information. The result is a happy, educated caller, and a query that can be handled much more effectively.
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