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Ramos Center: The ultimate treatment for the caller experience

May 01, 2020
Ramos Center is a well-respected healthcare provider built on a commitment to accurate diagnosis and effective treatment options for a wide range of ailments. The center specialises in pain management, minimizing the symptoms of those victim to personal injury, easing chronic back pain, and supporting patients suffering from cancer. When they receive a call, their number one goal is to serve the patient in the most efficient way possible – and PHMG did it’s part in helping them achieve this.
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Into the cloud:

Increasing numbers of companies are adopting cloud-based telephone systems, as they offer a host of benefits including cost savings, flexibility, and importantly, numerous possibilities for enhancing the caller experience. The phone system Ramos Center uses is a cloud-based Ring Central, which carries some of the greatest opportunity to streamline and perfect call handling processes.

Call Optimisation: PHMG’s prescription
Together, the Copywriters, Composers and Producers crafted engaging, tailored and high quality audio content to be played at key touchpoints of the caller experience, strategically deployed at the optimal moments for maximum effect.
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The first step was to map Ramos Center’s current call flow, providing a walkthrough of how the current system operated, before conducting an in-depth consultation about their particular needs and how this process could be optimised. From there, our creative departments got to work producing brand new audio:

  • An Auto Attendant production with an abbreviated welcome greeting and a full list of departmental options to route calls in a timely manner.
  • Custom department and end-user voicemail productions to replace impersonal system default messages
  • Department-specific on-hold and transfer messages with content dedicated to the differing audiences dependent on which option callers chose.

In addition to this, we removed existing superfluous default queue greetings and waiting messages, reducing the time callers are interacting with an impersonal robotic system. Ramos Center quote
With all this new audio content ready to play, upload, programming and testing began – integrating it into new call flows with smoothness, simplicity and effectiveness at every touchpoint. The finished product was then presented to Ramos Center for approval, and uploaded to their system for immediate use. All these adjustments allowed them to make full use of the system’s features, and the suite of productions gives callers a branded yet personal experience in line with the company’s patient-focussed ethos.

An all-round improvement:
The benefits to this solution are endless, as the messages provided can be updated and utilised for whatever purpose necessary. This service also delivered a critical analysis of the phone system as a whole, providing a springboard to take it forward and maximise the potential of the cloud-based system. The varied and tailored messages have created a streamlined caller experience individual to the patient who’s calling, allowing for increased support and efficiency. And finally, it allowed the team at Ramos to focus on treating their patients, while PHMG took care of the management of telephone system.

COVID-19: Clarity when it’s needed most: 
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed businesses, clients, customers and patients alike in a world of uncertainty, and utilizing these telephone messages helped Ramos Center provide some much needed clarity. 

ramos centre quote PHMGThe center remains open and operational during this time, so on-hold and transfer audio was updated to provide messages of comfort, reassuring callers they were still there to help and were taking all the necessary precautions to keep people safe. Plus, their Auto Attendant was amended to include similar information, meaning each caller is fully informed of the situation as soon as they begin the call. In line with current social distancing guidelines, the service was also delivered entirely remotely, with all call optimization meetings taking place via Zoom.