Sound that sings above the competition

Sound that sings above the competition:

Feb 11, 2020
Founded back in 1916, the Princess Anne Country Club has been a haven for families across Virginia for more than a hundred years. Their first-class facilities, tight-knit community and idyllic beachside surroundings set them apart – but on top of this, it’s their exclusive audio brand that really gives them the edge against their regional rivals.

A century of memories:
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Back at the beginning of the 20th century, Norfolk was nothing more than a coastal backwater – where a group of local business leaders was looking for a place for recreation. They were the founding fathers of the Princess Anne Country Club, and in the years that followed, their little escape grew to become one of the finest retreats in the commonwealth. The club now boasts indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, full-scale fitness and wellness center, cozy bars, restaurant and clubhouse, and a first-rate golf course that takes in winding waterways and stately pines. But above all this, they’ve cultivated a real feeling of family – thanks in no small part to the presence of third and fourth generation members who have grown up together in these majestic surroundings.

Virginia Beach’s choice:
While the club boasts the finest facilities and a spirit of togetherness, they’re not the only choice for the Virginia beach’s affluent leisure seekers. The surrounding area is home to another four clubs who all share the same demographic of prospective members. So with stiff competition and a limited clientele, it’s important for Princess Anne to stand out in every way they can.

An identity that’s clear to hear:
With so much to enjoy, and such a rich heritage, Princess Anne Country Club has a distinctive company image that’s clear to anyone who walks through the doors or visits their website. By investing in their audio brand, they made sure this was an identity you could hear too. Composers at PHMG drew on the club’s core values – classic, superb, personal attention and welcoming – to create a timeless, traditional piano track that affirms their sophistication, maturity and status as a home away from home. Combined with this is creative copy that communicates details of all the exciting activities going on at the club, and together, message and music captivate callers while they wait on-hold.
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Akin to the perfect receptionist, this On-Hold Marketing production gives the best impression of the business every time – really setting them apart.
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