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PHMG: Showing our support. Playing our part.

Sep 05, 2019
The last time I posted an article, it was in celebration of World Music Day – an event that meant a lot to myself and the staff at PHMG. Now, another important occasion has come along that we couldn’t possibly ignore: International Day of Charity.

Although it may not be a longstanding tradition – the day was officially declared in 2012 by the UN – it has fast become globally significant. Held on this date every year, International Day of Charity was established to encourage social responsibility, enhance solidarity, and increase public support for charitable causes across the globe. So there’s no better time to reflect on the remarkable, humbling success of our own charity: The PHMG Foundation.

As PHMG grew, it was clear that we had a real responsibility to give something back to the world that’s given us so much. This is why in 2013, we established the PHMG Foundation – an initiative designed to help the organisations closest to our hearts. To really achieve this aim, we didn’t want to work with just one charity alone, but as many as possible – so we asked each department in the company to choose the cause they were most passionate about. In the first year alone, our team raised almost $25,000 – and since then, the endeavour has gone from strength to strength. In six years, they’ve championed upwards of 70 different organisations, taken part in hundreds of activities and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities worldwide. This is really something to be proud of, and it’s all thanks to our incredible staff.

The time, effort and extremes our employees go to in aid of our foundation never ceases to amaze me. They absolutely push themselves to the limits, climbing mountains, running marathons, taking on triathlons and even jumping out of planes. And it’s not just the participants, but their sponsors too, who continually donate in support of their colleagues and our charities. This generosity is truly unerring, and it’s at its most apparent during the holiday seasons. At a time where it can be easy to become wrapped up in personal consumption and the excesses of the period, the PHMG team always takes the time to do their bit for those in need at our flagship fundraising events. Across one weekend in December, they all don a red suit to take part in our Global Santa Dash. And if that wasn’t enough, they go on to fill our company receptions with toys for underprivileged children in our communities, as part of our Toy Appeal.
CSR Article - Web image 1It really is our people who’ve made the PHMG Foundation into the success it is, and when it was established, we never dreamed that we would raise such staggering funds and make such a difference.  Everyone within the company – and those who continue to join us – wholly take the endeavour to their hearts, and keep on going above and beyond to make a difference. It’s why the decision as to which charities the foundation supports has to lie with the staff, and we’ve now changed the departmental selection process to a company-wide vote to gain a real consensus. Their passion for philanthropy also inspired us to add volunteer days to our portfolio of PH Perks, allowing every member of our team to spend two days a year supporting a cause they’re passionate about. Our Chicago team in particular have really embraced this, working closely with our partner charity SOS Children’s Villages to help out at their Graduation events, and offer shadowing opportunities to foster children across the area. 

CSR Article - Web image 2Each year, our staff have taken the PHMG Foundation to greater and greater success – and they’re confident 2019 will be no different. Following the vote, they’ve chosen to champion five worthy causes – Mind, NAMI, Cancer Research UK, SOS Children’s Villages Illinois and The Red Cross – and are working to beat last year’s total by raising more than $77,892. With the proven passion among our employees, I’m confident they can achieve this – and if they do, the company has once again pledged to match the total, dollar for dollar. Given the awe-inspiring lengths our staff go to, it’s only fitting for the company to make this contribution – and allow them to really change the lives of the people our charities help.

Even among our success in business, I honestly believe the PHMG Foundation is one of the company’s greatest achievements. So on this important day, I want to thank every single member of staff for continually showing their support and playing their part.
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