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Mental Health Matters

May 23, 2019
In an age where anxiety, depression and other related issues are all the more prevalent, incredible initiatives like Mental Health Awareness Month are more important than ever — and PHMG is proud to be acknowledging it this May.

Although mental health is a topic that seems to have only entered public consciousness in a positive, accepted and talked about way over the past decade, Mental Health Awareness Month actually began in America back in 1949. It was a movement designed to raise awareness and educate the general public about mental illness; the overwhelming purpose it still serves today, but in a far more widespread manner. Now, there are huge events, effective campaigns, information on mainstream television, and entire charities focused completely on tackling the issues.

Following a company-wide vote, the staff at PHMG showcased just how important the subject was to them. Both the UK and US offices chose for the PHMG Foundation to support mental-health related charities Mind and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), focusing their 2019 fundraising efforts to these great causes. It’s why as a company we’re doing all we can to promote and support Mental Health Awareness month. We’ve been taking part in fundraising events, selling ribbons, and providing advice to our staff if they’re experiencing any of these issues; whether that’s every day tips on dealing with loneliness, or providing an outlet for staff to speak about their problems with Tootoot.

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Our partner charities Mind and NAMI are also championing this incredible cause with full force. Firstly,  is a hub of in-depth knowledge on all things mental health related. There’s a wealth of resources and well-being tips designed to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing, including a network of 'Local Minds' for individuals to talk to. Equally importantly, you’ll also find detailed information on how to both recognise and help people you know who may be going through their own issues — emphasising the impact a few friendly words can have on a person. The other key feature is that Mind is trying to get as many groups, businesses and individuals involved as possible; with posters available to print, a guide on how best to fundraise, and the opportunity to campaign alongside them.

In the states, NAMI is getting involved with Mental health awareness month using various methods too. Alongside detailed information and resources, they’re also showcasing all the ways individuals can do their part for the cause. You can share your story to stand side-by-side with others experiencing similar problems, create your own fundraising campaign, and become an advocate for mental health in order to influence policy makers — which are all part of this year’s overriding campaign “Why Care?” There are also over 100 NAMIWalks events taking place across the country, with thousands of participants completing 5K walks to raise both funds and awareness.

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As the mental health awareness movement has continued to gain attraction, people of higher and higher status have been adding their voice to the fight— extending all the way to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. He joined other high profile individuals like Katy Perry and Stephen Fry in marking Mental Health Awareness Week with Radiocentre’s #MentalHealthMinute initiative. Together they created a minute-long message, which was broadcast across hundreds of UK radio stations simultaneously on 13th May, showcasing the importance of taking the time to truly listen to one another – because you never know when somebody may be crying out for help.

When it comes to mental health, the more people sharing stories, raising awareness, providing information and fundraising the better. That’s why The PHMG Foundation is proud to be working alongside Mind and NAMI to do what we can to help those in need this Mental Health Awareness Month.