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Spring: the season of sound

Apr 09, 2019
Naturally, the sounds of spring have always stimulated the senses. Beautiful bird song is the early morning chorus whilst rustling leaves accompany your day’s footsteps. But digitally, it’s harder to evoke a comparable emotional response, and transitioning from winter hibernation to spring exploration has proved difficult for brands worldwide. However, leading US podcast platform Pandora has perfected the seasonal switch with a campaign that’s putting a spring in the step of its users.

Whether it’s a relaxing retreat through your headphones on your morning commute, or a familiar accent transporting you back home, sound often acts as a means of escape. Thus explaining why Pandora’s ‘Sound On’ summer campaign originally centred on the effect music and audio plays on holiday travel. But spring is a time of change, and Pandora has introduced a new wave to reflect this. 

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With the help of leading artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Bebe Rexha and Khalid, the streaming service reaches over 70-million users each month – and the campaign is designed to appeal to this wide base. Divided into four different sections – Sound Wall, Sound Bites, Sound Box and Sound on Lounge – both street artists and social media influencers utilise spring sounds within each of these components to convey the hallmarks of the season: renewal, exploration and inspiration. 

The multichannel revamp will run in six markets for twelve weeks, and the campaign’s adaptability is exemplified in the Sound Wall component. Pandora has commissioned leading street artists to create wall murals that depict their unique interpretations of sound and spring discovery. The murals will also include QR codes that drive custom playlists on Pandora featuring the music that inspired the artists’ work. 

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And just last week, Pandora again harnessed their spirit of discovery to become the first major audio streaming platform to adopt a sonic logo. Highlighting ‘energetic’, ‘innovative’, ‘friendly’ and ‘inviting’ as key attributes, a team of composers and sound designers determined their final logo. Initially the tune serves to reinforce the 'Sound On' campaign, but in the future, Pandora aims to use the sonic logo across a whole host of platforms – strengthening their brand identity by striking an associative chord with consumers.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, and more and more brands are springing into action with their own unique sound strategy:

We’re entering into a sound-first world, where it’s more important than ever for brands to be heard, not just seen

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