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PHMG premieres: sound to make your brand sing

Jan 22, 2019

Taking pride of place on, our company video is one of our most vital marketing tools – encapsulating everything we can do for a brand in just over three minutes. With the evolution of our product, it was time to create a brand new PHMG movie to represent our status, artistry and exclusive musical offering. And after 12 months of work, four locations, two star storytellers and almost 100,000 collective air miles, the final cut is ready for its premiere. Read on as we go behind the scenes on our most ambitious shoot yet – and unveil our latest masterpiece.
Peter Collett PHMG Audio Branding Video
When it came to choosing our opening location, we needed a city that was home to the most iconic music venues, and represented the world’s biggest and brightest branding hub. So there was only one choice: New York City. Our opening scene is set at the renowned Carnegie Hall – an illustrious sanctuary of sound where (as our script states) people from across the globe gather to revel in the joy of music. It’s here where we meet our first protagonist, Dr Peter Collett – Oxford Don who consults for the likes of CNN, NBC, Sky and the BBC, and the trusted, expert face of PHMG from our previous two company videos. A renowned behavioural psychologist, he adds authority, gravitas and a real performance to the piece – explaining what makes music so valuable to every organisation. From Carnegie Hall (with a short stop at the unmistakeable neon lights of Radio City), we follow Peter to the next stop on our journey: Times Square.

Samsung… Disney… Coca-Cola… Amazon… NFL… M&Ms… hundreds of the biggest brand names beam down from billboards the size of football fields, right here in the epicentre of the most recognisable advertising hub on the planet. And as you might expect, it’s also one of the world’s busiest locations. Horns honk, traffic hums, music blares and voices of every nationality shout to be heard – meaning finding the perfect conditions for filming were nigh-on impossible. However, we battled the crowds, the vehicles and hubbub to capture Peter in the glow of the neon, as he told us why it’s vitally important for companies to consider their audio brand alongside the visual.

Before the video is up, Dr Collett will return in our Chicago office, bringing audio branding right back to the modern business. But first, we’ll hop on a plane to Nashville, Tenessee, where our next expert is waiting to take us into the studio.

PHMG Filming on location new york and chicago
Home to the Johnny Cash museum, Honkey Tonk Highway, and the hundreds upon hundreds of live stages where legends made their names, Nashville really is music city – so it’s a fitting home for globally renowned music producer, Jacquire King. Most lauded for his work on the multi-million selling Kings of Leon album ‘Only by the Night’, he’s also lent his expertise to artists such as Norah Jones, Tom Waits, James Bay and Modest Mouse – earning three Grammy awards and 30 nominations in the process. In a rare peek behind the curtain, Jacquire has welcomed us into Blackbird Studios – the place where his Grammy-winning magic is made. And it’s here where he tells us why every company should consider audio branding from PHMG. Sitting in front of his spectacular multi-million dollar mixing desk, he shows just how at home he is in front of the faders, taking command of every button to achieve the signature sound of his artists.
in studio shots phmg Jacquire King audio branding
To really showcase our partnership, we also captured Jacquire in our Manchester offices, where he met with our talented creatives. Liaising with our composers and producers, he delved deep into our processes, learning more about everything we do to offer his expert advice. And in meeting with our Copywriters too, he witnessed how every element of an audio brand unites in much the same way as a hit song.

You’ve met our storytellers… travelled the globe… and sat behind the mixing desk of a world-renowned music studio. Now, it’s time to take a look at our finished product. This new video is designed to showcase the true value, scope and creative power of audio branding – while presenting us as the world leader we are. So without further ado, hit play on the latest PHMG premiere.