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SOS Children’s Villages Illinois

Apr 11, 2018

At PHMG, we’re committed to giving back. This year, our fundraising efforts will support four carefully selected charities to make the biggest difference we possibly can. One is SOS Children’s Villages Illinois – who work to assist fostered children, helping them thrive and grow. Take a closer look at the exceptional work the charity does, and how PHMG will be contributing in 2018.

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As part of our strategy to maximise impact, we asked staff to vote on which charities we’ll back this year. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is particularly close to the hearts of our US staff, because of its location in the same state as our US headquarters. They came together to champion the amazing work of the charity, having seen for themselves the difference it makes.

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is the state-specific arm of the international charity and development organisation SOS Kinderdorf. They offer a range of fostering services through their purpose-built villages, creating a loving and healthy environment for children. For more than 25 years, the Illinois branch has found innovative and effective ways to support those in the most need – operating as the only self-funded SOS organisation in the country. And in 2015, it was named among Chicago’s top 20 charities by the Chicago Magazine.
Blog QuoteThe charity is most definitely renowned – and for good reason. 100% of the children who come through SOS Children’s Villages Illinois achieve graduation, which is twice that of the national average. The charity offers all the services a child could need, with a focus on stability, living together as a family in a private residence, and creating a real home to come back to once they’ve reached adulthood. This takes the form of four key programs which support the local community:

  • Sibling Foster Care, allowing up to six siblings requiring fostering to stay together in one home.
  • Fostering Families, supporting biological parents with counselling, proximity to their children, and training with the goal of overcoming the problems that face them.
  • In-House Services, in which trained staff work within homes to develop families’ cohesion, strengths, and skills, and tackle behavioural issues, gang involvement, and academic struggles.
  • SOS University, which trains foster parents and offers continuing education for existing staff, as well as foster and biological parents.

Alongside SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, PHMG has also partnered with Action for Children in the UK this year, demonstrating our intercontinental commitment to helping the next generation thrive. We’ve already begun planning a range of incredible events for the coming year to raise funds for SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, with our US teams in particular doing their bit to help local youths in need.

Stay up-to-date on all PHMG’s fundraising efforts by visiting our Twitter page – @PHMGfoundation – or following the posts at our CSR page. In the meantime, donate via our Virgin Money page to make sure we smash our target for 2018.