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3D sound: before your very ears

Feb 08, 2018
3D or binaural audio is celebrated for its ability to put you right in the heart of the action – just take a listen for yourself…

Come in… sit down… you look like you need a haircut. The virtual barbershop may sound like a game or a gimmick, but actually, the video below cleverly illustrates just how immersive 3D audio can be. You’ll step through the door, hearing the bell ring and the greeting of the friendly staff member, growing in volume as you approach him. You’ll hear his footsteps fade away, as he retreats into the back room to summon the barber extraordinaire. And most remarkably, you’ll hear the scissors and clippers as they move around your head – the power of binaural audio putting you right in the chair.

Plug in your headphones… close your eyes… and click play. The virtual barbershop experience is about to begin.

While the virtual barbershop is impressive, it was just the beginning – and the techniques it illustrates have evolved into Google’s latest development: Resonance Audio. This immersive software development kit is truly breaking barriers, using a full-sphere surround technique known as Ambisonics to allow for the spatialization of hundreds of sounds at once. Not only does it control where a sound comes from, it controls how it spreads from the point of origin – introducing new levels of authenticity and believability. And unlike other 3D audio technologies, it’s available for all manner of platforms and applications – paving the way for widespread adoption.

Just click play to hear how Resonance Audio is set to change the world of sound.