Hot off the press

Take a look at our latest press coverage to see how audio branding is hitting the headlines. With pieces in a variety of trade and local publications, we showcase the many benefits of our services for businesses in every sector.

  • Manchester Evening News

    PHMG are delighted to announce new global CFO.
  • Prolific North

    Prolific North reports on the appointment of our new global CFO Matthew Toynton.
  • Caravan Industry & Park Operator

    Caravan industries can use hold time and audio branding to their advantage.
  • 100 Stories

    100 Stories reports on the success and growth of PHMG.
  • Locks & Security Magazine

    Locksmiths and other businesses in the security sector can use audio branding evoke perceptions of reliability and trust.
  • Home Business

    Audio branding gives businesses a competitive edge in their marketing strategies.
  • Bdaily News

    PHMG are proud to pick up a hat-trick of awards for growth success
  • FT 1000

    The Financial Times awards PHMG for being one of Europe's 1000 fastest growing companies.
  • Ward Hadaway's Fastest 50

    PHMG is recognised as one of Ward Hadaway's 50 fastest growing businesses.
  • London Stock Exchange

    PHMG is once again named as one of the 1000 companies to inspire Britain.
  • The Business Deck

    The Business Deck reporst on the success of business in the North West including PHMG.
  • Third Sector

    PHMG's charity work is recognised by Third Sector.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Managment

    Cleaning and maintenance companies can reduce perceived call waiting times with on-hold marketing.
  • Cosmetics Business

    Cosmetics retailers can use audio branding to improve customer experience.
  • Business Up North

    Business Up North reports on PHMG's hat-trick of awards.
  • Insider Media

    PHMG is proud to have been named as Insider’s third best-performing SME in the North West.
  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

    GM Chamber
    The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce shared news of our success in being just pounds away from 2017’s £50,000 CSR target
  • Independent Leader

    independant Leader
    Independent schools have a lot to learn when it comes to the caller experience
  • Hotel Management

    Hotel managment
    Hotels improve their guest experience with audio branding
  • Hotel Business

    Hotel Business
    Hotels improve their guest experience with audio branding
  • The Florist

    We feature in leading trade magazine The Florist, explaining how audio branding can help their profits grow
  • Green Builder

    Green Builder reports on our valuable research in the construction sector
  • Commercial Construction Renovation

    Construction companies can use audio branding to build bridges with their callers
  • Alabama Contsruction

    North American construction companies must put more work into their caller experience
  • Digital Dealer

    Digital dealer
    Digital Dealer tells its readers how they can turn hold time into a valuable opportunity
  • Dealer Marketing

    Dealer marketing
    Automotive dealers risk first-time business with long waits on-hold
  • Inside Public Accounting

    Inside public accounting
    Just 25 seconds of hold time puts calls to accountants at risk
  • Accounting Today

    Long hold times don’t add up for accountancy firms
  • Architect Projects

    Architect projects
    Architects can strengthen the foundation of their brand identity with exclusive music
  • Independent Agent Magazine

    Independent Agent Magazine explains the importance of On-Hold Marketing for North American insurance companies
  • Fundraising UK

    The PHMG Foundation’s ambitious fundraising target hits charity headlines
  • Mississauga News

    Misssisagua News
    The Canadian press showcases dramatic on-hold statistics
  • Exchange Magazine

    Exchange Magazine
    The Canadian press showcases dramatic on-hold statistics
  • The Brampton Guardian

    Brampton Guardian
    The Canadian press showcases dramatic on-hold statistics
  • Today’s General Counsel

    General Counsel
    US Legal publications explain how poor call handling practices put potential clients at risk
  • Judicial Process and Support

    Judicial Support
    US Legal publications explain how poor call handling practices put potential clients at risk
  • Findlaw

    US Legal publications explain how poor call handling practices put potential clients at risk
  • The ABA Journal

    ABA Journal
    US Legal publications explain how poor call handling practices put potential clients at risk
  • UK Fundraising

    The press reports on the success of our Toy and Food Appeal
  • HR News

    HR News
    The press reports on the success of our Toy and Food Appeal
  • Messenger Newspaper

    The press reports on the success of our Toy and Food Appeal
  • Property and Development

    PAD MAGazine
    Construction publications warn readers of the risks involved with playing generic hold music
  • UK Construction Blog

    UK COnstruction Blog
    Construction publications warn readers of the risks involved with playing generic hold music The UK’s #1 Construction Blog
  • Accounting Today

    A standout piece in Accounting Today illustrates exactly how accountancy firms benefit from audio branding
  • Small Business

    Clinton and Trump teach businesses a vocal lesson in branding
  • Customer Experience Insight

    Customer Experience Insight reports on the importance of professional On-Hold Marketing
  • Concrete Communication

    Constructive Communications advises building companies on mobile call handling best practice
  • Rotherham United

    Rotherham United backs our fundraising trio
  • Engineering Specifier

    Engineers must fix time on-hold to keep customers
  • Mancunian Matters

    92 clubs in 92 hours: an epic endurance test for the PHMG Foundation
  • Buzzing Championship Football

    PHMG staff’s epic football challenge wins national coverage
  • Lynn News

    Lighting up the caller experience with audio branding
  • PSSA Security
  • Travel Weekly

    Callers to travel agents demand more than generic hold music
  • Realtor Magazine

    Realtors react to PHMG’s call handling statistics
  • NVBR
  • IFSEC Global

    Security firms should protect their hold time
  • Florida Realtors

    Florida Realtors warns readers of the dangers of putting callers on-hold
  • Dealer Marketing

    Car dealership go beyond visual branding – and enjoy valuable results
  • Travel Mole

    Travel agents have a long way to go to improve their call handling
  • Anchourage Board of Realtors

    Professionalism is key to realtors’ call handling practices
  • Seneca daily

    Clinton and Trumps vocals hold the key to presidential success
  • Home Business Magazine

    Presidential candidates give businesses a lesson in branding
  • Architect Newspaper

    Room for improvement in architects call handling practices
  • Recruitment Buzz

    Recruitment Buzz reports on the importance of call handling in their sector
  • Recruiter

    Candidates and companies alike value the caller experience
  • Lawyer monthly

    PHMG statistics act as a wake-up call for law firms
  • 121 Jobs

    Recruitment firms must do more on-hold
  • Recruitment grapevine

    Recruiters risk custom with generic hold music
  • Global legal post

    legal media source promotes the value of On-Hold Marketing
  • OPP Today

    Real estate companies call handling puts business at risk
  • Movin' Out

    Freight forwarders call handling falls short
  • Green Builder Media

    Construction companies need to perfect their call handling practices
  • Herald-Whig

    US local press comments on the annoyance of the on-hold wait
  • Herald Whig

    Major Illinois newspaper reports on the importance of the caller experience
  • Auto Scene

    Northern Ireland’s largest motor factor boosts sales with audio branding
  • Green Builder Media

    US consumers frustrated at construction firms’ call handling
  • Daily Commerical News

    Only 21% of American callers are satisfied with constructors’ telephone manner
  • Concrete Décor

    Concrete Décor reports on the remarkable statistics we uncovered in the construction industry
  • Commercial Construction & Renevation

    Construction companies must build on their call handling practices
  • AJOT

    Freight forwarders have a long way to go in perfecting their phone manner
  • 4-traders

    Scotland’s leading catering wholesalers enhance customer service with audio branding
  • Adweek

    The US’ leading media source reports on the enduring power of the Nokia ringtone
  • FBR

    Scottish wholesaler JB Foods extols the virtues of audio branding
  • Opp.Today

    We explain the importance of successful call handling for overseas property professionals
  • Greater Manchester Chamber

    We support local medical student Olivia Ward in her crusade to Saint Vincent
  • Business Matters

    Our analysis explains how Claudio Ranieri’s calming voice was key to Leicester’s remarkable win
  • TTG

    TTG reports on the importance of professional call handling in the travel industry
  • Wyoming Business Report

    Callers in Wyoming speak out about the value they place on audio branding
  • Seneca Daily

    Custom On-Hold Marketing is the secret to happier callers
  • Home Business

    Midwesterners place great value on a professional caller experience
  • Philadelphia Inquirer

    The call is the key to the sale for realtors
  • Bellville Star

    On-Hold Marketing makes a real difference to callers in the US Midwest
  • Realty Today

    Realty Today reports on what our statistics mean for businesses in their industry
  • The Progressive Accountant

    The Progressive Accountant reports on call handling discrepancies in their industry
  • Fundraising

    News of the PHMG Foundation reaches the UK fundraising press
  • Prolific North

    Our generous Easter Egg donation hits the headlines
  • Bdaily

    Bdaily reports on our ambitious fundraising target for 2016
  • Messenger

    A seasonal donation for a worthy cause
  • Lebanon democrat

    Callers in the Southern states have little patience for poor call handling
  • CPA Practice Advisor

    This leading industry resource tells tax and accounting professionals how they can improve their call handling
  • JCK Online

    Jewelers’ phone manner lacks the shine their callers expect
  • CPA Magazine

    Call handling from accountants doesn’t add up to the American average
  • Accounting Today

    Accounting Today reports on the shortfall in call handling in their industry
  • Real Estate Weekly

    Standards of call handling fall below average in real estate
  • News OK

    Real estate companies have room for improvement in their call handling.
  • Chicago Agent Magazine

    American house hunters are dissatisfied with telephone service from real estate companies.
  • The Augusta Chronicle

    We tell The Augusta Chronicle why first impressions count in call handling
  • Business Observer

    Business Observer reports on the importance of professional call handling
  • Stamford Advocate

    It only takes one bad call to lose a customer for life
  • Promediate

    The caller experience is crucial in perfecting standards of customer service
  • Jolly Boss

    Happy entrepreneurs make sure the first call counts
  • my AJC

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on our remarkable research study
  • A Taste of Pittsburgh

    Northeast American customers place a premium on the first call
  • Journal Star

    Our call handling research attracts more attention stateside
  • Business Alabama

    The telephone endures as the most popular form of businesses communication for customers in the American South.
  • New Jersey Business

    Callers in America’s Northeast have little tolerance for poor call handling.
  • PRW

    Valued client Vaplas tells the leading trade magazine how our service has transformed their caller experience.

    Our research statistics showcase the skill of insurers in telephone service
  • Advisor Today

    Insurance companies prove their prowess in call handling
  • UK Haulier

    Couriers and logistics companies have a long way to go in customer call handling
  • Messenger

    Our involvement in the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal hits the headlines
  • Bdaily

    PH Media Group gives something back this Christmas
  • Print Monthly

    We explain the power of audio branding for the printing industry
  • Messenger Newspaper

    PH Media Group digs deep to meet their 2015 fundraising target
  • Freight Industry Times

    Freight Industry Times reports on our study – and the consequences it has for call handling in their sector
  • Huddled

    An incredible year of fundraising for the PHMG Foundation
  • British Dental Journal

    The British Dental Journal reports on their prowess in call handling
  • UK Recruiter

    We tell UK Recruiter how businesses in their industry can unleash the power of sound
  • Logistics Manager

    Consumers expect more when calling couriers and logistics providers
  • Code

    Dental practices sparkle when it comes to call handling
  • Pet Business World

    Less than two-fifths of consumers are satisfied with the way calls are handled by the pet trade
  • Tulsa Business & Legal News

    American consumers left underwhelmed by legal firms' standards of call handling
  • The Dentist

    Dentists set the standard for call handling in Britain
  • Dental Republic

    Dentists rank as the best in Britain for their call handling practices
  • BDaily

    BDaily reports on our surprising statistics surrounding attitudes to hold messages
  • Call Centre Helper

    The UK’s most popular contact centre magazine reports on our remarkable caller satisfaction statistics
  • Recruitment Agency Now

    We tell this leading industry publication why time on-hold means money for recruiters
  • Property Casualty 360

    US insurance companies come out top in call handling
  • Carrier Management

    Insurance companies need to work harder with younger US callers
  • Business Matters

    We report our research statistics to the UK’s leading SME business magazine
  • Talk Business

    Bespoke on-hold messages make all the difference to British callers
  • Business Link

    Callers in Yorkshire appreciate the personal touch
  • Professional Electrician & Installer

    Less than a quarter of people in Britain are satisfied with the way electricians’ handle their calls
  • Electrical Times

    Electrical Times reports that many British are unhappy with electrical contractors call handling
  • Print Week

    Printing companies need to raise their standards to satisfy British callers
  • Portageville Missourian News

    Callers in America’s Midwest don’t hesitate to hang up if kept waiting too long
  • News OK

    Customers in the Southern American states place a high value on the caller experience
  • News Journal Online

    Callers in the Southern states don’t take kindly to being placed on-hold
  • Business NH Magazine

    New Hampshire’s leading business magazine reports on our remarkable statistics

    American Midwesterners are the most impatient callers in the country
  • Print Week

    We tell the print industry how they can use audio branding to improve their call handling practices
  • The Rockford Squire

    The Rockford Squire reports on our latest American research
  • Charlotte Business News

    Callers in the Southern states come out top for on-hold impatience
  • Miller County Liberal

    Callers in the American South have no time to wait on-hold
  • Hotel industry

    Showing hotel owners how they can extend their hospitality to their callers
  • Hotel Owner

    We tell the hoteliers how audio branding can benefit businesses in their sector
  • The Gardner News

    Midwest Americans have no time to wait on-hold
  • Providence Business News

    Patience is a virtue for callers in North East America
  • The Triangle Tribune

    Callers in the Southern states expect more from business providers

    Hold times mean everything to callers in the Southern states
  • Seneca Daily News

    New Yorkers state that they’re happy to wait
  • The Arizona Republic

    Callers in the US West keep their cool on-hold
  • Ventura County Star

    Women prove themselves to be the more patient sex when it comes to waiting on-hold
  • Neighbor Newspapers

    The Southern states are unwilling to wait
  • The Times Picayune

    The New Orleans press asks readers how long they’d be willing to wait on-hold
  • The Courier Journal

    Southern US callers don’t have time to hang around on-hold
  • Business Record

    American Midwesterners don’t appreciate a wait on-hold
  • Buffalo Business First

    New Yorkers are happy to wait on-hold
  • Entrepreneur

    Our Nepal earthquake appeal hits the headlines
  • Huddled

    Our Nepal earthquake appeal hits the headlines
  • The Phoenix Newspaper

    Callers from the Midlands are revealed to be among the least tolerant in Britain
  • Hotel Industry

    First impressions count in the hotel industry – and audio branding makes all the difference
  • GMA

    The Global Marketing Alliance reports on our remarkable statistics
  • Travel Bulletin

    We tell the travel industry how they can use audio branding to connect with their callers
  • Wales Online

    Welsh callers refuse to accept poor service over the phone
  • Great Brimingham Chamber

    The Great Birmingham Chamber reports on Midlanders’ intolerance for inferior call handling
  • Dealer Support

    Consumer opinion on call handling delivers a clear message to British businesses
  • Warrington Worldwide

    Warrington Worldwide reports on the North West’s opinions on call handling
  • Western Morning News

    80% of South West callers walk away after poor call handling
  • Fresh Business Thinking

    We make entrepreneurs aware of the consequences of poor telephone service
  • Lebanon Democrat

    Callers in the Southern states want more from businesses over the phone
  • Leader Telegram

    Midwest businesses should talk the talk when it comes to call handling
  • Crestview Bulletin

    Businesses in the Southern American states need to improve their call handling standards
  • Business Observer

    Floridians consider manners of utmost importance when it comes to call handling
  • Fife Business Journal

    Half of all Scottish consumers prefer to receive company information over the phone
  • Hotel Owner

    We explain the importance of telephone service to the hotel industry
  • Sawyer County Record

    Statistics reveal volumes about caller satisfaction in America’s Midwest
  • Reading Eagle Business Weekly

    Businesses need to do more to satisfy Northeastern American callers
  • Central Valley Business Journal

    Just 31% of people in the Western states are happy with company call handling
  • Business Alabama

    Business Alabama reports that many callers are unhappy with business’ phone service
  • Buffalo Business First

    Americans aren’t satisfied by the way their calls are handled
  • Wharfedale Observer

    Yorkshire callers still prefer speaking to businesses
  • Business Link

    Consumers in Yorkshire still choose to call companies
  • Bdaily

    North West consumers show a preference for finding business information by phone
  • Recycling & Waste World

    We explain the importance of audio branding to the waste management sector
  • The Florist

    The Florist reports on our surprising statistics
  • Bdaily Business Network

    PH Media Group is announced as one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain
  • Travel Bulletin

    Travel operators are missing a golden opportunity to connect with callers on-hold
  • Messenger Newspaper

    PH Media Group donates over £30,000 to charitable causes
  • Health Insurance Daily

    Insurers fail to hit the mark with consumer call handling
  • Call Centre Helper

    UK callers are happy to hold
  • Hotel Owner

    Hoteliers rank among Britain’s best at call handling

    Patient Brits are willing to wait if calls are handled effectively
  • The Westmorland Gazette

    Cumbrian callers show their patience on-hold
  • Talk Business

    British callers are revealed to be more patient than expected
  • Midlands in business

    Callers in the Midlands rank among the most patient in the UK
  • The Business Journal

    Patience is a virtue for Scottish callers
  • Greater Manchester Chamber

    Callers in the North West are left cold by call handling standards
  • Bdaily

    Remarkable survey results reveal callers are willing to wait
  • Messenger Newspaper

    Stepping up for the PHMG Foundation.
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